I want to start a project to make a page (form, template, whatever you want to call it) where a player can enter their RSN and the form will pull their stats from the highscores, and use the Quest API, then compare:

(If a quest is complete, it will omit it from the following lists)

  • If the player can start the quest, it will list it in a table with a link to the quest guide, under the heading ==Eligible to Start==
  • If the player cannot start a quest, due to skill requirements alone, it will list it under the heading ==Uneligible Due to Skills== *If a player cannot start a quest, due to quest requirements alone, it will list it under the heading <nowiki> ==Uneligible Due to Quests==
  • If a player cannot start a quest due to both skill and quest requirements, it will list it under the heading ==Uneligible Due to Quest and Skill Requirements==

The tables will show what quests are needed, and provide a quest tree like you can access in quest guides, so that a player can look through the quests they need to complete in order to start a certain quest.

They will also list skill requirements to start quests. Optional/recomended skills will not be listed. Nor will it list any minigames needed to start quests, such as the requirement to have played at least one game of Pest Control to start Quiet Before the Swarm. I would like to include optional skills and minigame requirements, but as there aren't many quests that need minigames, I feel like, for now, that is beyond the scope of my idea.

I'd need help from more experienced Wiki editors, especially in terms of pulling stats and quests from the API, as I'm not exactly sure how to do that easily... I can do it but the code would be stupidly complex.

So... Thoughts?

Magic cape NYX TRYX | EDITSNoxious staff 20:45, March 2, 2017 (UTC)

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