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This is the log page for RuneScape:Clan Chat/hiscores. This version of the Clan Chat high scores is updated once every week.

The contents of the table represents the total experience gained while in the clan, RSW, as of each ISO 8601 date in the header row of the table.

For example, here's a user who has gained 5.6 million experience while in RSW.

Clanmate 2012-01-15
21:37:58 UTC
Example 5,612,473

When there are at least 2 columns of data in the table, a new column called Last difference appears. This is the difference between the values of the previous two columns and represents the experience gotten between the timestamps and while in the clan. For example, here's a user who had gained 5.6 million experience, then a bit more during the next check. The user has gained 8,085 experience during 5 minutes and stayed in the clan.

Clanmate 2012-01-15
21:37:58 UTC
21:42:58 UTC
Last difference
Example 5,612,473 5,620,558 8,085

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