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  • You can now rate and comment on our articles! To submit a rating or ideas for improvement, see the new ratings module in the sidebar on the right of the page.
  • The new visual editor has been enabled! Read the help page for information on how to use it.

Clan Chat news

  • The RSW clan citadel raffle is running a new promotion - for every 5 entrants above 10, an extra, larger prize is added! You can read about the raffle here and the RSW citadel here.
  • Do you have a good suggestion for the events team? Share it here!
  • The Events Team needs your feedback! Please fill in this short survey.
RuneScape news
31 October
  • Clan Cup Final Live Stream — Tune into our Twitch channel this weekend for the grand finale of the Clan Cup! Read more...
  • Behind the Scenes - November 2014 — Double XP weekend! The final part of the Elf City! New Treasure Trails! A brand new quest! It's a RuneScape November worth shouting about. Read more...
30 October
  • Double XP: Starts 31st October, 12pm UK Time — Get ready for a weekend of double XP with the whole RuneScape community, including live streaming and prizes to go with the XP goodness. Read more...
29 October
  • Well of Goodwill Opens 1st November with New Charities — Donate to your choice of three charities through the Well of Goodwill - open until 30th November. Pick up two new in-game titles while you're at it! Read more...
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