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32 Pentember, Year 4, Sixth Age
Common Trade Index
117.97 Up +0.56
Opinion poll
What's your favourite update of the year so far?

The poll was created at 08:40 on June 6, 2017, and so far 1187 people voted.
Results of the previous poll

What part of the upcoming release of Menaphos are you most looking forward to? (794 votes)

Delving into a new Slayer dungeon and training to level 120 — 37.3%; 296 votes
Finding out more about the city's lore in new quests — 36%; 286 votes
Training with additional mid-level skilling resources — 20.4%; 162 votes
Navigating the labyrinths of the Shifting Tombs minigame — 6.3%; 50 votes
Featured image
Bandos coffin detail
Bandos's strange box
The portal from the goblin realm to the Bandosian throne room.
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