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  • The 2014 RuneScape Wiki Family Photo is in, check it out here!

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  • We are discussing changing the theme, please leave your comments on the forum thread. Don't like the suggestion? Tell us what you want!

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  • The RSW clan citadel raffle is running a new promotion - for every 5 entrants above 10, an extra, larger prize is added! You can read about the raffle here and the RSW citadel here.
  • Do you have a good suggestion for the events team? Share it here!
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RuneScape news
28 July
  • Araxxor Live Stream - Tonight 6pm BST — With Araxxor and Twitch Integration now live, it's high time for an epic live-streaming event - tonight at 6pm BST! Read more...
  • Araxxor, Twitch Integration and Lobby Update — Araxxor is unleashed! Fight him solo or with a friend for level 90 two-handed weapons - and stream with our integrated Twitch client while you're at it. Read more...
  • RuneFest – Get Your Tickets Now! — RuneFest tickets are available now! Bonds purchases of tickets, hotel rooms and Crystal Coins are coming later, with today's game update. Read more...
25 July
  • Road to Elf City - Episode 3 — The Trahaearn and Crwys clans - masters of Smithing and Mining, Farming and Woodcutting - are the stars of the show in today's Road to Elf City. Read more...
  • Araxxor Pre-Release Live Stream — Get an early look at Araxxor as Mod Chris L goes hands-on with his latest, scariest creation - this Sunday at 6pm BST. Read more...
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28 July 2014
28 Fentuary, Year 1, Sixth Age
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