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Reason: Jagex has stopped using membership time increments directly and instead switched over to a purchase redemption method involving game credit. See Game Card
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RuneScape 25 USD Prepaid Card

A RuneScape game card with the redemption value of twenty-five United States Dollars.

RuneScape Prepaid Cards are game cards supplied at over thirty different retailers that can be redeemed for RuneScape Membership, Bonds, Keys, or RuneCoins. They can be bought in the $10 USD and $25 USD denominations, (£7 and £19, respectively).[source needed]

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is located on the back of the card, usually under a layer of UV Ink that must be gently scratched off in order to reveal the code. The code is then entered into the RuneScape website after selecting the "Prepaid Cards" section of the "Shop" drop-down menu.

They are available for purchase in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Different Card LengthsEdit

Redeeming card

Choosing what package to take with a red ($25/£20) Game Card.

30 DayEdit

A 30 Day RuneScape membership card is purchased from select retailers, and when redeemed, will give the player 30 days (1 month) of RuneScape membership. In the United States, these cards cost $10/$25. When redeemed, loyal members (those who have a reduced price for being a member for over a year non-stop) do not receive any bonus credit. Therefore, if you have the price discount, it is recommended to not buy this card. If this card is redeemed between 20 October and 4 November 2011, you will receive the option to change your skin colour to green by visiting Diango or the Makeover Mage. Currently there is no reward for a 30 Day Membership.

90 DayEdit

90 day RuneScape Membership Card
A 90 Day RuneScape membership card is purchased from select retailers, and when redeemed, will give the player 90 days (3 months) of RuneScape membership, or, if the member is a loyal member (those who have a reduced price for being a member for over a year non-stop) receive 15 days bonus credit, bringing the total to 105 days. In the United States, they cost $22.50. From 20 June to the 10 July of 2011, when a 90-Day game card from GameStop was redeemed, you would be given a free in-game item, the Ornate katana. When redeeming a 90-day game card from Target (USA) or GAME (UK) from 18 November to the 8 December 2011, players received a free Turkey Hat. On dates between 22 June 2012 - 15 July 2012, buyers received a Flaming Skull. This reward is not included when purchased online. (possibly because of the contract between Jagex and the shop).

Green and Red CardsEdit

The green and red cards have several different options, ranging from 100 days, 60 days and some spins, to a certain amount of rune coins.

Where to buyEdit







United KingdomEdit

United StatesEdit

RuneScape 10 USD Prepaid Card

A card with a ten USD redemption value


  • The Island Assault head banner is used on the cards.
  • Some players think that the offer given with the 90-Day game card is Real world trading, along with the Flagstaff of Festivities.
  • Jagex stated that the Ornate katana will be used in future promotions, meaning that the 90-Day game card may have more promotions in the future, if the promotion is not given to a smaller denomination.

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