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RuneScape Brazilian is the Brazilian Portuguese version of RuneScape, in which all game content is translated into Brazilian Portuguese. This version of RuneScape was released on 24 July 2009.

It allows players who speak Brazilian Portuguese to interact with the game and other players more easily, and is useful to residents of Brazil and other Brazilian Portuguese-speaking parts of the world, as well as people who may be learning the language and wish to practice.

Mod Anabela once stated that all Brazilian servers are located in Brazil[1]. Despite Mod Anabela's statement that the Brazilian servers are located in Brazil, a traceroute, which shows the path a packet of data takes across networks, indicates that the servers are located near Miami, Florida, USA.

Brazilian Portuguese game serversEdit

Brazilian server list

RuneScape Brazilian server list

There are four servers in RuneScape Brazilian.

Server Members?


47 Yes No
75 Yes Yes
94 No Yes
101 Yes (Legacy Only) Yes

Problems on serversEdit

The Brazilian servers have a history of malfunctioning ever since the launch, even if not very significant, the problems end up harming the community.

One of these unpleasant events occurred on the last weekend of double experience, where most players Brazilians could not enjoy the event, having to go into foreign servers.

Most recent and still unknown why such a mistake was an immense general slowness in server 47, where players could not stay long, the PING server arrived at 2000. Meanwhile, all players members moved to world 75, which was crowded and hampered the training of various skills for at least 36 hours.


  • Jagex had announced the time of release of RuneScape: Brazil[2].
  • Due to the distance to the server, many Brazilian players have complained about the lag. On average, both Portuguese and Brazilian players reportedly have a ping over 200ms for these worlds.[3]
  • Due to Brazilian laws, alcoholic beverages have their names changed, for example, Beer becomes Garapa (sugarcane extract) and Whisky becomes Milkshake.

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