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This page lists large projects that are created and hosted by an editor. These projects will usually take some time to complete and require lots of work to be completed. If you would like to find out more about the project, take a look at the project page or talk to the project's host.

You can also post any tasks you want to see completed that would benefit or be completed faster with the help of other editors or need to be done over time. Smaller tasks or urgent requests should be posted in user help instead. Please keep everything organized, using headers.

Tasks that are significantly larger than normal may be more suited to being a project. If you are unsure how to class your task, you can create a forum topic on the Yew Grove. If you are creating a project that could make large changes to the wiki it is also suggested to discuss these changes on the Yew Grove first.

General editingEdit

RuneScape:Page maintenance serves as a hub for general editing that includes clean up and small scale information addition.

Current ProjectsEdit

Note to users - If you have any questions regarding one of the projects, review the project page or send a message to the project host.

Note to hosts - Create a dedicated page for your project and try to make sure you have added notes explaining what there is to do and how to participate. An additional guide can be created should it be necessary.

Project Hosted by Description
Lores Project Cqm Dedicated to transcripting books, quests and dialogues and using these sources to maintain articles containing lore.
Maps Project Urbancowgurl777 Recreating maps to be more consistent and to provide adequate information.
Shop Pages Reworking Project Timothylam92 Formatting and updating the pages about shops with a proposed standard.
Daily Challenges Cook Me Plox Add your daily challenges so we can find out a xp calculator for challenges.
Project Template Spruce Scuzzy Beta Make navigational templates a lot prettier by adding pictures and helpful templates.

Current TasksEdit

If you have a task that you'd like some help with, add it here! Add your name or just discuss the tasks below.

Note to users: Remove tasks once they have been completed. Archive those that have a notable discussion. Make a new archive every 25-50 tasks.

Note to requesters - Once a task is completed, please add a comment signifying completion, if the task hasn't already been archived. This is to help other users know when to archive completed tasks.

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