[Name] the Wikian is an in-game title awarded to editors of the RuneScape Wiki.

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  • Users should have helped out the wiki in some way, for example
    • many edits
    • high-quality or high-profile edits
    • project involvement
    • community interaction
    • generally helping out
These are not hard requirements, so if you think a user should be granted the title, nominate them with your reasoning. The title is not meant to be exclusive.
Users should not oppose based on the recency of the latest contributions of the candidate nor how new the user is (as long as they are over 2 weeks old), per Forum:Do we need another discussion on the Wikian?. These arguments for opposition are considered very weak or invalid.
  • Nominees, nominators, and commenters should have a wiki account of at least 2 weeks old
  • Currently blocked users are disqualified from being nominated, including being blocked during the process (this does not necessarily include staff-applied global blocks, as they are hard to track and verify)
  • Nominations should:
    • include a description of why the user should be awarded the title
    • use the usual support/oppose/etc comments with optional reasoning
    • run for one week
  • There is no quota on:
    • The number of wiki users that can receive the title
    • The number of in-game accounts each user can have the title applied to (but be reasonable as it is a manual process)
  • Contributors of the Old School RuneScape Wiki, the RuneScape Classic Wiki, and active non-English RuneScape Wikis are also welcome to be nominated here (assuming they also play RuneScape itself)

These rules were discussed in Forum:The Wikian, and amended in Forum:Self nominating for the Wikian and Forum:Do we need another discussion on the Wikian?.


To nominate yourself or another user, please follow these steps:

  1. If nominating another user let them know that you wish to nominate them - they may decline, in which case stop here. While it is optional to ask before nominating them, it is better to do so beforehand.
  2. Create a page at "RuneScape:The Wikian/NOMINEE", where NOMINEE is the username of the nominee.
  3. Write the page using the following format:

Describe why the nominee should be granted the title. Sign with ~~~~

Account name(s): list the nominee's in-game account(s)

  1. Fill in a row of the summary table below with the nomination's information.
  2. If not asked beforehand, the nominee should make their declination known now
  3. The nominee should fill in their in-game account name(s) in the marked section, or check them if already filled in. Make sure that exact spelling of the name(s) is clear:
    • Take care with similar-looking characters, e.g. I and l (uppercase i, lowercase L), O and 0 (uppercase o, zero), etc. When in doubt, use all lowercase.
    • If the name contains more than one space in a row, use underscores _ for readability.

The request is now ready for general commentary.


After a week, an administrator should determine consensus and close the nomination. The discussion should be archived in the current (or a new) archive.

Successful nominations should have the user (and accounts) added to RuneScape:The Wikian/Users, and the current owner of the Wikian book (Gaz Lloyd) notified - remember that both users (the Wikian book user and the successful nominee) have to meet up in-game to grant the title. Place {{subst:RS:TPM}} on the user's talk page to notify him or her of the successful request.

Current nominationsEdit

Username Nomination date Discuss here
MyNameIs3a 17 July 2017 Discussion
Gat235 18 July 2017 Discussion

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