This page contains various resources for tracking pages in various levels of having disassembly information added.

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General categoriesEdit

Infobox Item parameterEdit

All pages missing disassembly parameter

See Items missing disassembly info (Size: 59)

Pages missing the parameter, but do have a disassembly template

These pages can just have |disassembly = yes added to the infobox.

Total pages: 2
    Pages with a disassembly template, but parameter is not yes

    These pages need to be checked if they can or cannot be disassembled, with disassembly changed to yes in Infobox Item, or the disassemble template removed, depending on the result. Be aware that some items may be disassembleable in one state, but not disassembleable in another, which is represented in switch infoboxes.

    Total pages: 22

    Disassembly templateEdit

    Items specified as disassembleable without the template
    Total pages: 4
      Items missing category

      See Missing disassembly category (Size: 0)

      Non-items with the disassembly template

      Only items should have the disassembly template. Pages that summarise groups or sets of items should not have this template.

      Total pages: 2
        Using redirect template

        For easy use of DPL and other methods, it is preferred to use {{Disassembly}} over templates that redirect to it.

        No results (that's good!)

        Missing disassembly information completelyEdit

        Total pages: 57

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