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This page is about requests for rollback or custodian tools. For sysop or bureaucrat tools, see requests for adminship. For AWB access, see RuneScape:AutoWikiBrowser.



To be eligible for the custodian usergroup, a user must have at least 400 edits in the mainspace and 150 edits in the file namespace. Users who perform filemove maintenance work are expected to suppress redirects when moving any files, and clear any redlinks that their moves may have created.


To request the custodian right, place {{RfCu|<insert name here>}} at the bottom of this page. Before requesting the rights, please make sure that you meet the requirements listed above. Completed requests will be removed. By requesting tools, you are agreeing not to abuse the tools in any way, including, but not limited to, random file moves, moving files to inappropriate names, or inappropriately suppressing redirects.



  • The account must be at least 30 days old.
  • The user must have at least 200 edits not in the User or User talk namespaces. To check yours, go to Special:Editcount and type your username in the box.


Current requestsEdit



Other requestsEdit

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