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Reference tooltips are tooltips that appear when hovering over, or clicking, any reference, such as this[1], enabled by default on the wiki. These tooltips are based on the version used by Wikimedia. For more information on this see here.

Settings Edit

To change the settings of tooltips, click the link labelled "[Reference Tooltip Settings]", found at the bottom of every page with references, or the cog icon Cog.png found within the tooltip.

The configuration options are:

  • Activate on hover or click - Tooltips can be set to appear when hovering over or clicking on a reference. In most cases, the tooltips will default to be activated on hover. On touchscreens, this will always default to click as there is no hover capability on touchscreens.
  • Delay between clicking/hovering - The delay can be set from 0 milliseconds to 1000 milliseconds (1 second). This will default to 200 milliseconds.
  • Disable tooltips - Tooltips are set up as a gadget, and enabled by default. Normally, gadgets can only be turned off by users who have accounts on the wiki. However, tooltips allow anonymous users to turn tooltips off if they wish. They can be re-enabled using the "[Reference Tooltip Settings]" link at the bottom of the page.

If you have any feedback or ideas on how to improve the tooltips, please leave a message on the talk page.


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