This page lists users who frequent IRC, and the nicks they use. Note: Not all clients mark users that are away in grey. Please bear this in mind.

User IRC Nicks
Ajraddatz Ajraddatz, ajr, caek (Cloak: @wikia/wikimedia.Ajraddatz)
AndorinKato Andorin, AK|laptop, AK|<whatever>, Thok
Chessmaster Chessmaster, Chess1242, bad_fetus, bad_fetus{<something>, Chess|<something>
Chiafriend12 Chiafriend12
Clv309 ChristineV
Cåm onei, electabuzz, twoi (Cloak: @unaffiliated/onei)
Elune Anzu Elune, Anzu
Evil1888 Evil1888, Evil|status
Flaysian noob
Gaz Lloyd Gaz_Lloyd, Gaz, a_pony, a_pegasus, a_unicorn
Hairr Hair, Hair|away (cloak: @wikia/Hairr)
Iiii I I I fetus
Jim teh Mage Elune, Jim_teh_Mage, Steelix, Remote_host
Joeytje50 Joeytje50, Joey|status
Lashazior Lashazior, Lash, iLash, James_LaBrie
Michagogo michagogo, michagogo|cloud (Cloak: @wikia/Michagogo)
ThePsionic ThePsionic, Psi, Psi|status, Eihwaz, Eihwaz|status
Ben Ryfos Nq2h, Ryfos, bstraw101
Sactage Furry, __init__, Sactage, Firebolt (Cloak: @countervandalism/staff/Sactage)
-Stygmata- Styg, Stygma
TyA ty, queen, fumika, eucliwood, maid cloak: @wikia/vstf/TyA
Tyilo Tyilo
Raglough RagM
YodaPen Yoda, YodaPen, A_Pro_Person

Inactive Users Edit

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