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This is a list of articles that are tagged with {{Cleanup}}. The list includes the reason the page was tagged, the size of the page, and the time of the last edit.

Some articles are not listed as being incomplete for any specific reasons. For these pages, either:

  • The template should be given a reason in the first parameter
  • The placer of the template should be contacted on their talk page and be asked to elaborate in the template
  • The template should be removed if no reason can be given for the template

The list below is based on cached information. To force an update, click here.

Name Reason Page size Last edited
Ozan Needs better organisation and expanded information on Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough. 15,896 bytes 27 November 2015
Squeal of Fortune/Promotions/2013 No reason given 7,635 bytes 17 July 2016
Graphical updates/NPCs/Gnomes Leaves out their first graphical update (and in some cases, second.) due to being coded incorrectly. 10,561 bytes 31 July 2016
Minstrel Web No reason given 4,658 bytes 6 August 2016
Dorgeshuun Many unsourced statements which seem to have been made up and sometimes inaccurate 38,804 bytes 21 September 2016
Gielinorian God Wars No reason given 24,566 bytes 21 September 2016
Mage Training Arena Needs fast overview over spells used and which runes to use. 26,453 bytes 30 October 2016
Human No reason given 8,260 bytes 18 November 2016
Passive effect No reason given 24,429 bytes 26 November 2016
Tanking No reason given 6,974 bytes 5 December 2016
List of keys Information on quest related keys should be moved to the quest category. The Uses category should be for mentioning actual purpose of keys (e.g. opening a chest during a quest). 16,139 bytes 6 December 2016
JMod Toolbox No reason given 4,495 bytes 10 December 2016
Free-to-play Magic training Requires further expansion, does not have information for some levels. 17,686 bytes 14 December 2016
Chat No reason given 29,175 bytes 23 December 2016
The Raptor Terribly contradictory 10,113 bytes 26 December 2016
Clan Wars No reason given 29,461 bytes 6 January 2017
Draynor Village History section is very speculative, needs mention of The Skulls and the Battle of Lumbridge, both of which have affected Draynor hugely. 24,606 bytes 7 January 2017
Enakhra Not cohesive due to usage of unrefined "template" section for early history across the board for all Mahjarrat. 19,626 bytes 7 January 2017
Kharshai Not cohesive due to usage of unrefined "template" section for early history across the board for all Mahjarrat. 16,923 bytes 7 January 2017
Morytania Contains a lot of speculation and inaccurate information, needs information on River of Blood 12,977 bytes 7 January 2017
Zemouregal Not cohesive due to usage of unrefined "template" section for early history across the board for all Mahjarrat. 38,228 bytes 7 January 2017
Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course Poorly worded, graphics are hard to understand for first time users 10,413 bytes 10 January 2017
Community Update:Mod MMG on Myths and Misconceptions demographics 28,879 bytes 12 January 2017
Luring No reason given 26,385 bytes 15 January 2017
Frost dragon/Strategies convert to tables 18,569 bytes 18 January 2017
TzHaar Fight Pit Terrible writing 8,454 bytes 18 January 2017
Wilderness/Survival guide No reason given 17,622 bytes 18 January 2017
Mature grotworm/Strategies Need to finish reformatting "Prayer" section; convert the recommended equipment to {{Recommended equipment}} 7,912 bytes 18 January 2017
Pay-to-play Crafting training Tables as opposed to text would make parts of this page easier to read, in addition to general cleanup 34,439 bytes 18 January 2017
Icthlarin No reason given 18,969 bytes 21 January 2017
Zanaris No reason given 13,709 bytes 21 January 2017
Skill pure No reason given 11,641 bytes 22 January 2017
Clan references need formatting and it's pretty dusty 16,363 bytes 24 January 2017
Melee No reason given 29,947 bytes 26 January 2017
Lucien Not cohesive due to usage of unrefined "template" section for early history across the board for all Mahjarrat. 37,642 bytes 26 January 2017
Graphical updates/Equipped Turn into GU table 28,905 bytes 27 January 2017
Slayer training No reason given 29,412 bytes 31 January 2017
Corporeal Beast/Strategies Melee setup needed 11,626 bytes 1 February 2017
Bronze equipment Tables... plus everything else 4,427 bytes 2 February 2017
Walking Anti-walk update removed most stomps/stuns 2,580 bytes 5 February 2017
Dungeoneering/Keying full of non-NPOV, also updates 7,347 bytes 8 February 2017
Holiday rewards a ton of stuff missing + could probably be converted to a table 36,572 bytes 8 February 2017
Deathmatch This has barely any post-release information, no strategies, no general information, etc 8,894 bytes 12 February 2017
Bilrach No reason given
Bilrach Not cohesive due to usage of unrefined "template" section for early history across the board for all Mahjarrat. 14,431 bytes 14 February 2017
Azzanadra Not cohesive due to usage of unrefined "template" section for early history across the board for all Mahjarrat. 32,773 bytes 17 February 2017
The Pharaoh Overall language could be improved 1,700 bytes 18 February 2017
Combat pure No reason given 36,888 bytes 19 February 2017
Construction training Many parts of the article still heavily rely on outdated information. 50,682 bytes 20 February 2017
Saradomin No reason given 36,177 bytes 22 February 2017
Orb of oculus/Hidden locations Poor formatting and wording in several sections. 13,252 bytes 23 February 2017
Wilderness Info is outdated and cluttered, some sections are incomplete, doesn't cover all the info it could 55,658 bytes 23 February 2017
Lores and Histories release date of oldest lores missing 3,075 bytes 26 February 2017

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