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Welcome to the information article for the RuneScape Wiki Facebook Page. The wiki expanded to Facebook in January 2010 with the creation of the page.

Please take a look and 'like' the page.

The RuneScape Wiki Facebook page can be found here.

Overview Edit

The wiki's Facebook page is used to send out announcements, answer questions about the wiki or RuneScape and connect with the community. It is managed by wiki editors.

How to get involved Edit

To get involved, e-mail a page admin, and request access to the page. Should your application be successful, you will be made an admin. Please note that to ensure security and efficiency, as well as to minimise confusion, requests may be refused if there is no necessity for additional admin.

Admins Edit

Below are the current Facebook admins along with the signature they use to sign posts.

There are currently 3 page admins.

Username Signature
Flaysian ^Fn
Gaz Lloyd ^GL
Urbancowgurl777 ^U7

For page admins Edit

Please remember the following when taking administrative action on the page:

  • You must sign your posts with a signature (CoTag) for identification.
  • Do not express personal opinion when making wall posts, although you may on the discussion tab, as long as you sign.
  • Do not make an excessive number of wall posts.
  • As concrete rules are few, use common sense and think things through when taking administrative action.

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