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Events Team 16 April 2017

Event informationEdit

UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
8:00 pm
Sun, 16 Apr
1:00 pm
Sun, 16 Apr
2:00 pm
Sun, 16 Apr
3:00 pm
Sun, 16 Apr
4:00 pm
Sun, 16 Apr
9:00 pm
Sun, 16 Apr
10:00 pm
Sun, 16 Apr
6:00 am
Mon, 17 Apr
The event is over.
  • Requirements: Combat level 100 for the Veteran lander, 70 for the Intermediate lander, and 35 for the Novice lander. The vast majority of people will be in the Veteran lander, so it is highly recommended to have 100+ combat for the event to ensure consistent games.
Bandages (Fist of Guthix)
This is a safe minigame.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.
Pest Control icon

Pest Control is a minigame accessible from the Void Knights' Outpost, with its main objectives to destroy four monster-spawning portals while protecting the Void Knight from those monsters. It is still consistently popular for Void Knight equipment and raw experience. Completing one game is also a requirement to finish the quest Quiet Before The Swarm. After completing a game with enough participation, players receive 2-4 Void Knight commendation points depending on the difficulty level of the game.

Getting thereEdit

Void Knight banner

From the Port Sarim lodestone, run east to the docks and click "Travel" on the Squire to get to the Outpost. From there, run south to the docks leading to the three landers, requiring different combat levels to enter. The landers from west to east are Veteran (100+), Intermediate (70+), and Novice (35+).


Upon entering a lander, a game will start in a few minutes if there are fewer than 25 players present. If there are greater than 25 players in the lander, 25 of them will be teleported to another island where the game takes place.

On the Pest Control island, players arrive in the lander on the north side of the island. The Void Knight is in the center on a raised platform and does not move. Surrounding the Void Knight to the east, south, and west is a wooden wall with 3 gates on each side. Beyond the gates are four portals. Monsters spawn from the portals and ultimately aim to kill the Void Knight. The objective of each game is to destroy each of the portals and to keep the Void Knight alive. Player deaths are safe, and upon dying they will respawn in the lander.

Pest Control Island

The Pest Control island

The Void KnightEdit

The Void Knight stands in the middle of the island on a raised platform and does not move. He has 20,000 lifepoints and is mainly targeted by Shifters, Torchers, and Defilers. Only a few players need to stay near him to kill the Shifters and keep the gates closed to protect him from the Torchers and Defilers from a distance. Monsters will damage the Knight, and the only way for him to heal is for portals to be destroyed.


There are four portals outside the walls - to the west, south-west, south-east, and east. When the game begins, all four portals will be shielded and not attackable, though they will actively spawn monsters. Shortly later, the Void Knight will announce that one of the portals' shield has dropped and can be attacked. Players should distribute themselves somewhat evenly among the portals initially because the first vulnerable portal is determined randomly. Once a portal is vulnerable, nearby players should attack it, destroy it, and move on to the other portals once the shields drop.

Each portal has a combat weakness; though, post-EoC it doesn't really matter what style a player uses.

Icon Location Weakness
Purple portal icon West Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Blue portal icon East Bolt weakness icon Bolts
Yellow portal icon South-East Crush weakness icon Crush
Red portal icon South-West Arrow weakness icon Arrows


Monsters, or pests, are spawned by the portals even when they are invulnerable. Kill the Shifters, Torchers, and Defilers that are posing a threat to the Void Knight first. Otherwise, it's easy to just kill any monster for participation points in the game.

Name Weakness Attack style Notes
Brawler Fire weakness icon Fire spells Melee Acts as a barrier. Cannot walk through them, nor use magic or ranged attacks through them.
Defiler Stab weakness icon Stab Ranged Can use ranged attacks over the walls. Usually target the Void Knight, so keep the gates repaired and closed.
Ravager Water weakness icon Water spells Melee Destroys gates and barricades, non-aggressive.
Shifter Fire weakness icon Fire spells Melee Can teleport (also through the walls). Usually targets the Void Knight, so a few players should stand by and kill them.
Spinner Air weakness icon Air spells Melee Can heal the portals. Will not retaliate when attacked, but can sometimes explode for a little damage.
Splatter Earth weakness icon Earth spells Melee Explodes when killed, damaging nearby players and pests. Will explode instantly upon moving adjacent to gates and barricades.
Torcher Thrown weakness icon Thrown Magic Can cast spells over the walls.


Pest Control readouts

Players will only receive commendation points if they participated in either dealing enough total damage to monsters or by repairing damaged barricades and gates. The minigame interface features the Void Knight's health, the player's participation points, and the time remaining as shown on the right. Attacking monsters is simple; just deal damage, and you don't have to get the kill.

Keeping the gates repaired is more important than the barricades. Both are usually destroyed by Splatters and Ravagers. To repair them, pick up logs between the Void Knight's platform and the lander and use them to repair the gates and keep them closed to protect the Knight. Gates will not open or close if they are badly damaged.

Pest Control lander

The starting point in each game


Players will receive 2, 3, or 4 Void Knight commendation points for completing a Novice, Intermediate, or Veteran game respectively. If Pest Control is the Spotlight minigame, players can also receive a decent number of Thaler as well. Additionally, at the end of every game there is a chance to receive a choice of Minigame armour boots - Trickster boots, Vanguard boots, or Battle-mage boots.

The main and generally most useful reward from Pest Control is the hybrid Void Knight equipment, with a set bonus offering increased accuracy. Players may also spend their points on experience, weapons, and resource packs. For full reward information, see the main article for Void Knight commendation points.

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