Disambiguation is the process of resolving the conflicts that arise when a single term is ambiguous, and so may refer to more than one topic which the wiki covers. For example, the word "Gold" can refer to coins, an ore, a metal bar, and a rock, and numerous other things. There are three important aspects to disambiguation:

  • Naming articles in such a way that each has a unique title. For example, three of the articles dealing with items ordinarily called "Bucket of water" are titled Bucket of water (blessed), Bucket of water (murky), Bucket of water (stagnant).
  • Making the links for ambiguous terms point to the correct article title. For example, someone writing about the quest Rum Deal may have created a link to [[Bucket of water]], and this should be corrected to point to Bucket of water (stagnant), an item specific to the quest.
  • Ensuring that someone who searches for a topic using a particular term can get to the information on that topic quickly and easily, whichever of the possible topics it might be. For example, the page Gold is a disambiguation page – a non-article page which lists the various meanings of "Gold" and links to the articles which cover them.

Style guideEdit

Each disambiguation page comprises of a list (or multiple lists, for multiple senses of the term in question) of similarly-titled links. There are a few main components that each disambiguation page must contain for consistency.

See alsoEdit

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