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Discord is a free text and voice chat medium. The application can be used from within the web browser or downloaded, with the link for both being on the homepage of its website: It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, with Linux coming soon.

RuneScape Wiki serverEdit

To receive an invite to the RuneScape Wiki's discord, simply follow this link:


Discord interface

The Discord interface

The server is open to all, and it can be used to discuss the game, the wiki, or anything else. We're a laid back community that tries not to take ourselves or anything too seriously, so come hang out with us!


All of the Wiki's rules and all of RuneScape's rules apply here. If you need additional detail, see the clan chat's rules (as very similar media they basically apply fine here too). If you need less detail, see RS:DBAD.

Offending users may have their roles removed (if they have any), their ability to use text and/or voice chat in any/all channels removed, or may outright banned from the server temporarily or permanently, at the discretion of the administrators.


Channels may be renamed, added, or removed on the fly. These are the 'core' channels and names, check the #welcome channel for recent updates.

  • #welcome - Everyone that uses the invitation link above arrives here. Rules and additional global notices are posted here, and only administrators can post.
  • #general - This channel serves as an open forum for any type of discussion.
  • #wiki - This channel serves as a hub to discuss changes to the wiki, especially the latest game update and documenting it.
  • #events - Event-focused chat, whether ad-hoc, organised by the events team, or Jagex-run.
  • #bots - This channel is the only channel where bots can speak. See below section for more.
  • #recent-changes - TyBot reports Special:RecentChanges here
  • #nice-memes - Gnome children only Gnome child chathead old
  • #voice-txt - Use this channel to post links and/or talk text to the voice channel(s). TTS enabled.
  • general - Like #general but for voice.
  • events - Like #events but for voice.
  • miscellania and etceteria - If the other channels are busy and your group wants a channel to chat without intrusion or interrupting others (e.g. if you're Dungeoneering together or whatever), you can use these extra channels. Additional temporary extra channels are available upon request (ask any administrator).
  • afk - You are automatically moved here after 15 minutes of inactivity. No one can talk. You can move yourself out when you're active again.


Much like channels, roles may be renamed on the fly. Currently, they are generally given out ad hoc, so if you feel you need one, talk to one of the @bestcats.

Two-factor authentication can be used on Discord. It is required to be enabled on your account to use most permissions of @bearcats and @radmins, though it is recommended that everyone enable it.

  • @bestcats - Have the administrator permission (can manage everything on the server). Claimable by bureaucrats. Can be @-mentioned.
  • @radmins - Can manage users and channels. Claimable by administrators. Can be @-mentioned.
    • @pt-br admin - Can manage the #wiki-pt-br channel. Can be @-mentioned.
    • @osrs admin - Can manage the #wiki-osrs channel. Can be @-mentioned.
  • @coolest jmods - Verified Jagex moderators. If you are a Jagex moderator and join our server, let an admin know and they can sort out verification.
  • @events team - Events Team members. Can be @-mentioned.
  • @update squids - Users that spend much more time delving in to updates, usually involving extensive testing or the game files/APIs. Can be @-mentioned.
  • @shushed - Users with this role are unable to talk in any text or voice channel
  • @everyone - All users connected to the server. Can only be @-mentioned by administrators and above.


With one exception, the bots can only talk in the #bots channel.

  • @RuneCord#7761 - Provides various RuneScape related functions, like stats and Voice of Seren. Use ~help for info. Run by Witty.
  • @QTΨ#3223 - Various nebulously useful commands. Run by ThePsionic.
  • tybot powers the recent changes channels. It is a webhook bot and as such isn't a real user


The RuneScape Wiki server is happy to accommodate non-English RuneScape Wikis by providing a #wiki and recent changes channel (and access to easier collaboration/coding help/etc with English RuneScape Wiki editors, if needed). If you are an administrator of another language RuneScape Wiki and want to branch off of this server instead of (or in addition to) creating your own, please contact one of the @bestcats or @radmins.

Currently, the (Brazillian) Portuguese and the Old-School RuneScape Wikis have done so.

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