This page covers both the clan admin message broadcast system and the noticeboard broadcast system in RSW.

Clan Admin MessagesEdit

Clan admin message broadcasts are broadcasts sent to groups of clanmates when a specific event triggers it. The broadcast is sent as a single game message.

These settings can be changed in the clan settings menu (Open Clan Broadcast Settings).

Message Receivers
[Player A] has initiated a map on the Clan Battlefield. Disabled
A battle has ended on the Citadel Battlefield, the [Red/Blue] team won! Disabled
[Player A] has initiated the Clan Theatre. Disabled
[Clan Name] now own a citadel! Disabled
[Player A] has visited the citadel, total number of visitors is now #. Disabled
[Player A] has manually locked [Plot A] in the citadel. Recruit+
[Player A] has manually unlocked [Plot A] in the citadel. Recruit+
[Player A] has capped at the citadel. Recruit+
[Player A] has been changed from [Clan Job X] to [Clan Job Y] by [Player B]. Recruit+
[Player A] has adjusted [Permission] to [Rank]+ Recruit+
[Player A] demoted [Player B] from [old rank] to [new rank]. Recruit+
[Player A] promoted [Player B] from [old rank] to [new rank]. Recruit+
[Player A] added [Player B] to the clan ban list. Recruit+
[Player A] removed [Player B] from the clan ban list. Recruit+
Events have been edited on the noticeboard by [Player A]. Recruit+
[Player A] has summoned an avatar with the [avatar buff] activated. Recruit+
[Player A] has sent the avatar home. Recruit+
[Player A] has logged out with an avatar. Recruit+
Guest has entered clan chat. Disabled
Guest left clan chat. Disabled
[Player A] joined the clan. Recruit+
[Player A] left the clan. Recruit+
[Player A] joined the Clan Chat Channel. Disabled
[Player A] left the Clan Chat Channel. Disabled
[Player A] has kicked [Player B] from the clan. Recruit+
[Player A] changed the official clan QFC. Recruit+
[Player A] has edited the clan keywords. Recruit+
[Player A] has edited the clan motif. Recruit+
[Player A] has edited the clan motto. Recruit+
[Player A] has saved changed to the Clan Admin Message settings. Admin+

Clan Noticeboard BroadcastEdit

The Clan Noticeboard Broadcast is a broadcast sent out using the Clan Noticeboard. This is sent to all clanmates in the form of several lines of game chat. This is limited to clanmates of rank captain and admin+, and is primarily used by the events team.

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