This page provides information on how clan avatars are used in RSW. For general information about clan avatars, see clan avatar.

Avatar functionEdit

Clan avatar (buff active)

RSW has 3 clan avatars. Each avatar has three possible buffs, from which one will be activated upon the avatar being summoned. The possible buffs each avatar has are as follows:

  • Skilling Bonus, Familiar Faces, Skill Plot Bonus
  • Skilling Bonus, Random Resurrection, Protector
  • Skilling Bonus, Heal Over Time, Auto Ort

The most commonly used buff is the Skilling Bonus. This provides a 3% boost to experience gained by players who are playing on same world as the avatar, and a 6% boost when training within close range of the avatar (a 22 square radius about the avatar). To gain access to the avatar's buffs players must gather anagogic orts and pay 300 of them to the quartermaster in the clan citadel or directly to a summoned clan avatar by using its "interact" option and selecting "activate your weekly buff". The player will receive access to clan avatar buffs for one week after paying the orts.

The avatar can also be set to gather resources in the citadel while it is summoned there, up to the normal resource cap for a player (2,700). Each avatar has a separate cap, thus 8,100 extra resources can be gathered by the avatars each week.

Avatar wardensEdit

The clan's avatars may only be summoned by clan mates who have been assigned the "avatar warden" clan job. This job can only given out to clan mates who are ranked clan admin or higher. A list of ranks who currently have the avatar warden clan job can be found on RuneScape:Clan Chat/Ranked users. If you have the required rank and wish to become an avatar warden then you can contact Gaz Lloyd, or another clan member with a higher rank than you to request the job. The avatar warden job may be awarded with the following considerations:

  • The number of wardens should be kept low, to avoid conflicts between wardens over who summons the avatars; but there should be enough wardens to ensure that avatars are summoned as constantly as possible.
  • Clanmates active at times when other wardens aren't may be preferred.
  • Wardens should be aware of the guidelines on this page and act in accordance with these.

Summoning an avatarEdit

You do not need to pay the 300 orts to the avatar to summon it, but you will not get its buff until you do. Only one avatar may be used on a world at a time: taking an avatar to a world where an avatar is already present will cause the second avatar to become hidden and stop granting buffs until it is taken to a different world or until the first avatar is no longer present.

  1. Enter the clan citadel.
  2. Travel to the town square.
  3. Interact with one of the avatars wandering around the pool area.
  4. Select the first option - summon this avatar.
  5. Select the buff to summon the avatar with - typically the Skilling Bonus (Skilling Bonus buff).
  6. Click okay.

Dismissing an avatarEdit

As a clan avatar acts like a summoning familiar, it may be dismissed by using the by right-clicking the summoning icon and selecting dismiss, or via the interaction menu.

Recalling an avatarEdit

Avatar recall rune

Go to the clan citadel and use the rune at the town square. Select the avatar(s) you wish to recall using the interface. Please ensure avatars are not currently being used before recalling an avatar.

Using an avatar to gather resources at the citadelEdit

While in the citadel, summon an avatar as above.

  1. Interact with the avatar.
  2. Select "Gather resources..." and chose the resource that you wish the avatar to gather.

Guidelines for avatar useEdit

Avatar wardensEdit

Wardens should use avatars in accordance with these guidelines:

  • Clan avatars are to be used to help out other clanmates as much as possible. If you have an avatar summoned, it is your responsibility to let others know where you are in game. If a number of clanmates would like an avatar to be used at a particular location, try and be receptive to their requests.
  • If possible, use clan avatars on the clan homeworlds (39, 139 or 100) or in the citadel. If a warden wishes to take out an avatar on one of the homeworlds/citadel while all three avatars are being using on non-clan homeworlds/outside the clan citadel then an avatar must be dismissed to allow the warden to take it out in one of these locations.
  • If you are logging out for an extended period of time, dismiss the avatar so that it is returned to the citadel and available for other wardens to use. Other wardens who want to use an avatar that has been logged out with can recall it from the citadel's town square.


Receiving clan avatar buff

When playing on a world where the clan avatar is present players can tell if they are being affected by a clan avatar's Skilling Buff by the presence of an animation at their character's feet.

Clan members can check worlds avatars are being used on by opening the Clan Noticeboard from the Clan tab. Players wishing to know on what worlds/at which in game locations avatars are being used then may ask this in the clan chat. If there are currently no avatars out then players may ask any avatar wardens who are online if they can summon one.

Please bear in mind that avatar wardens may not wish or be able to summon a clan avatar at all times. Since avatars must be summoned in place of a familiar and cannot be taken into some areas in game, wardens may not be able to have an avatar summoned if they are doing particular activities in game. Do not pester wardens about the clan avatars - repeatedly doing so may result in a warning or kick from the clan chat.