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"Rules" redirects here. For the policies and guidelines of the RuneScape Wiki, see RuneScape:Policies.
This article is about the rules for RuneScape. For the book called Rules of RuneScape, see Rules of RuneScape (book).
Offence System

The Account Status system on the RuneScape website. Players who abide by the rules will keep their accounts in the green zone.

Offence System Example

How the offences are shown.

The Code of Conduct (sometimes called Rules of RuneScape) is part of the terms and conditions of playing RuneScape. When players make an account, they agree to be bound by the rules and to face punishment (i.e. a mute or a ban) if they do not abide by them.

Jagex's Customer Support team may apply a variety of sanctions against rule breakers, up to a permanent account ban. Lesser offences may result in a warning, temporary ban, or a temporary or permanent mute.

The RuneScape Forums operate under a set of slightly modified rules also called the Code of Conduct. Some sections of the rules are tailored and expanded upon to make them more suitable for the Forums. You can find more information about the Code of Conduct in RuneScape Forums. There are also specific rules tailored to each specific forum, called the "Forum Specific Rules", and they can be found by clicking on the link near the top of each forum.

Keeping your account's offences to a minimum contributes to greater chance of becoming a Player Moderator.

Note: These rules were copied from the RuneScape website, but we cannot guarantee that they are accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, the rules given here cannot be taken as definitive, only those listed on the RuneScape website can. It is individual players' responsibility to ensure that they abide by Jagex's current rules and policies at all times in the game, on the RuneScape Forums, and everywhere else. Jagex rules are also enforced on this wiki, and any user who posts information or advice on how to break rules may be blocked from editing.

Rules of RuneScapeEdit

Report Abuse

The current in-game Report Abuse system.

On 11 May 2009, Jagex changed the rules to three lists by category: Honour, Respect and Security. If you feel that someone is violating one of the rules of RuneScape, you can report the player using the Report button below the chatbox. RA Button2


Main article: Honour

We expect our players not to cheat (as there are no cheats) or indulge in dishonest behaviour. With this in mind, the following behaviour is deemed unacceptable:

  • Macroing, and use of bots or third-party software
  • Real-world trading, or buying power-levelling
  • Buying, selling or sharing an account
  • Multiple logging-in to gain an unfair advantage (such as rigging mini-game results)
  • Knowingly exploiting a bug
  • Jagex staff impersonation
  • Password, account, bank PIN or item scamming
  • Advert blocking – (the adverts pay for the games you play)
  • Encouraging others to break the rules
  • Player-run games of chance (gambling)


Main article: Respect

Every RuneScape player is entitled to the respect of the other members of the player community. With this in mind, the following behaviour is deemed unacceptable:

  • Discrimination of any kind, whether based on another player's race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs
  • Solicitation
  • Threatening another player, or bullying of any kind
  • Using obscene or inappropriate language
  • Innappropriate or discriminating username
  • Spamming, or disruptive behaviour
  • Misuse of the forums


Main article: Security (Rules)

It is of the utmost importance that the personal security of our players is not jeopardised while playing RuneScape. With this in mind, the following behaviour is deemed unacceptable:

  • Asking for or providing personal information such as full names, ages, postal or email addresses, telephone numbers or bank details
  • Discussing or advocating illegal activity of any kind, such as the use of illegal drugs
  • Advertising other websites

Old rulesEdit

Report Abuse old

The old Report Abuse system.

Prior to the May 2009 update, the rules were organised by number, and not grouped in categories.

  • Rule 1 - Offensive Language
You must not use any language which is offensive, racist or obscene.
  • Rule 2 - Item Scamming
You must not scam or deceive other players.
  • Rule 3 - Password Scamming
Asking for another players password for any reason will not be tolerated.
  • Rule 4 - Cheating/Bug Abuse
Any bugs found within the game must be reported to Jagex immediately.
  • Rule 5 - Jagex Staff Impersonation
You should not attempt to impersonate Jagex staff in any way.
  • Rule 6 - Account Sharing/Trading
Each account should only be used by ONE person.
  • Rule 7 - Macroing
You must not use other programs to gain an unfair advantage at the game.
  • Rule 8 - Multiple Logging-In
If you create more than one RuneScape account, they must not interact.
  • Rule 9 - Encouraging Others to Break Rules
You must not encourage others to break any of the RuneScape rules.
  • Rule 10 - False Representations
This service must be used appropriately and treated with respect at all times.
  • Rule 11 - Advertising/Website
You are not allowed to actively advertise in the RuneScape game or RuneScape forums.
  • Rule 12 - Real World Item Trading
RuneScape items must only be exchanged for other items/services within the game.
  • Rule 13 - Asking for Personal Details
To protect players' safety and privacy, you must not ask for personal details.
  • Rule 14 - Misuse of Official Forums
Forums must be used respectfully at all times.
  • Rule 15 - Advert Blocking
Please do not block the Adverts in free-to-play RuneScape.

Rule 10, later renamed to "Misuse of customer support", was eventually removed from the in-game report abuse interface.

Private serversEdit

A RuneScape private server, or RSPS, is a game based upon a RuneScape version, not run by Jagex. Operating an RSPS without Jagex' consent, in some jurisdictions, induces copyright infringement. Jagex strongly recommends against using a private server, due to the risk of malware and theft of personal information.

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