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Royal dragonhide set

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Royal dragonhide set
Royal dragonhide set
Release date 29 May 2012 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
Alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Exchange price 21,987 coins (info)
Buy limit 100
Examine Grand Exchange set containing a body, chaps and vambraces.
Weight 2.2 kg
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Royal dragonhide set detail

A Royal dragonhide set is a boxed set of Royal dragonhide armour, containing a body, vambraces, and chaps. Unlike melee and some magic armour sets, this set does not include a coif, which can only be obtained from the Fist Of Guthix minigame. The box can be traded for the armour (or vice versa) by talking to Grand Exchange clerks at the Grand Exchange.

Royal d'hide armour equipped male


Royal Dragonhide Grand Exchange cost 
Royal d'hide body Royal d'hide body Coins 10000 11,093 [view]
Royal d'hide chaps Royal d'hide chaps Coins 1000 5,084 [view]
Royal d'hide vambraces Royal d'hide vambraces Coins 1000 3,151 [view]
Total Coins 10000 19,328 coins 
Royal dragonhide set Royal dragonhide set Coins 10000 21,987 [view]
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Bonus tableEdit

Mainhand Info Off-hand Info Attributes Critical bonuses
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence-icon Constitution-icon Prayer-icon Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Royal d'hide bodyRoyal d'hide body N/A - - N/A - - 298 1560 0 - - -
Royal d'hide chapsRoyal d'hide chaps N/A - - N/A - - 285 1170 0 - - -
Royal d'hide vambracesRoyal d'hide vambraces N/A - - N/A - - 64 195 0 - - -
Totals N/A - - N/A - - 647 2925 0 - - -

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