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This is the quick guide for Roving Elves.
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Start pointQuest map icon Talk to Islwyn inside the elven woods.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyMaster Master
LengthShort (20 minutes–61 minutes)
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat
  • Moss giant (level 61) You may not use any weapons, runes, summoning familiars, armour or prayer.

Islwyn and ElunedEdit

  • Track down Islwyn, who will be either west of Lletya or east of the Tirannwn lodestone. (Chat 11)
    • If the elves are not near the quest start icon, simply hop worlds until you find them.
  • Talk to Islwyn.
  • Talk to Eluned.
  • Bank all your combat equipment.
  • Use Glarial's pebble on the tombstone north west of the fishing guild.
  • Kill a moss giant (1000 life points). It will drop a seed.
  • Take the seed to Eluned.
  • Use Games necklace and teleport to Barbarian Outpost, then run south.
  • Enter the waterfall dungeon:
    • Equip Glarial's amulet.
    • Board the log raft north of Baxtorian falls.
    • Use a rope on the rock.
    • Use a rope on the dead tree.
    • Enter the door.
  • Search the crates in the east room for A key.
  • Take the west path all the way north.
  • Click your seed in the final room.
  • Return to Islwyn to choose your reward.
  • Quest complete!

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