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Romily Weaklax
Romily Weaklax
Release date 20 February 2006 (Update)
Race Human
Members only? Yes
Quest NPC? No
Location Cooking Guild
Sells items? Pie Shop
Gender Male
Examine A family baker, from the North.
Romily Weaklax location
Romily Weaklax chathead

Romily Weaklax is the pie baker on the ground floor of the Cooking Guild. He operates the Pie Shop where you can buy a pie recipe book, all types of pies, pots of flour, and pie dishes. He is one of the assignments of the hard Varrock Tasks -- the player must give him a wild pie. Selling most pies to him is not recommended, as he generally pays less than the trade value of the pie; selling pies on the Grand Exchange will generally be more lucrative.

Players can get tasks from Romily Weaklax to bake a certain number of pies, for which he pays. Some of the rewards he gives for these tasks are given in the table below.

Pie Reward per pie Grand Exchange price Profit/loss
Apple pie 84 457 Coins 250 -373
Redberry pie 90 1559 Coins 1000 -1,469
Meat pie 96 509 Coins 250 -413
Garden pie 112 1496 Coins 1000 -1,384
Fish pie 125 324 Coins 100 -199
Admiral pie 387 456 Coins 25 -69


  • His examine option states he's a baker from the "North", a reference to British culture.

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