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Rogue kit detail

The rogue kit can be obtained as a reward from the Flash Powder Factory minigame for 35 points (called 'Multitool' in shop). When used, it can be made into a chisel, rope, tinderbox, or spade. Once used, it cannot be changed back.

The main use of this item would be in cases where you're doing something like a quest, where you might not be sure what items you might need, but one of the above items might end up being useful.

One advantage of rogue kits is that they stack in inventory, so a player can carry a large number while only using up one slot. However, the usefulness of this is now quite questionable, because three of these tools can be put on the tool belt. However, they could be used as a stackable source of Ropes.


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  • The concept as well as the examine text imply that the tool may have been based on a Swiss Army Knife.
  • In the shop, it's mouse-over text reads, "Ah, nostalgia." Perhaps this is a reference to the tool belt update, or that it was a common reward from the Rogues' Den (minigame) minigame, which was replaced by the Flash Powder Factory.

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