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Rogue kit detail

The rogue kit can be obtained as a reward from the Flash Powder Factory minigame for 35 points (called 'Multitool' in shop). When used, it can be made into a chisel, rope, tinderbox, or spade. Once used, it cannot be changed back.

One advantage of rogue kits is that they stack in inventory, so a player can carry a large number while only using up one slot.

The usefulness of this is questionable, because 3 of these tools can be put on the tool belt. However, they could be used as a stackable source of Ropes.


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  • The concept as well as the examine text imply that the tool may have been based on a Swiss Army Knife.
  • In the shop, it's mouse-over text reads, "Ah, nostalgia." Perhaps this is a reference to the tool belt update, or that it was a common reward from the Rogues' Den (minigame) minigame, which was replaced by the Flash Powder Factory.

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