Rodrig was a character introduced in the lore story A Return To Stone, released on 10 February 2012 to tie in with The Elder Kiln quest.

Rodrig was a mercenary hired, along with Kolm, by Fulmin to escort the elderly mage to TzHaar City. He was born in Varrock to a privileged family, but has spent thirty years on the road and showed few of the traits of his youth still. He had little patience for anyone who couldn't keep up with him, threatening to kill whoever slowed him down even if that was his employer.

After leaving Fulmin's service, Rodrig and Kolm were hired by the TzHaar-Mej to find and retrieve the memoryless and outcast Ga'al-Rek. They encountered Fulmin trying to leave the city with Ga'al-Rek and, after threatening to arrange an accident for Fulmin, was killed in the ensuing fight.

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