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Rocking out song 1
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Rocking Out can be listened to by players who've completed Rocking Out. It is performed by Bard Roberts and the Stanky Penguins. As with all of Robert's songs, it is composed of 4 limericks (AABBA rhyme system) that provide a synopsis of the quest along with a cutscene involving:

It also involves a bar, hammer and cannonballs being thrown at Rabid Jack.


In Jack ye were in-ter-ested,
So, you got yerself arrested,
To hear Ralph's remarks,
But he wanted marks,
From five captains tried and tested!

So, fer Bill ye claimed a treasure,
A new hand were Harry's pleasure,
And fer Braindeath's role,
Got a drinking hole,
To sell his 'rum' by the measure!

Stole a brooch for Izzy No-Beard,
And for Frank confirmed what he feared,
Proved that Jack was back,
And on the attack,
To secure a mark from Redbeard.

With the marks, ye heard the story,
Bloody, vi-o-lent and gory,
Of hos Jack were beat,
And we sunk his fleet,
For a short-lived age of glory!


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