This article is about the item used in the Watchtower quest. For the item used to free the dwarf in Recipe for Disaster, see Dwarven rock cake.
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Rock cake detail

A rock cake is something of a ogre delicacy and is quite literally a cake made out of rock. Rock cakes can be obtained by stealing from the market stall in the ogre town of Gu'Tanoth, granting 6.5 Thieving experience. You will need a Thieving level of 15 to steal the cake.


The stall with rock cakes.

A rock cake is required as a bribe in order to access the central parts of Gu'Tanoth, which is necessary during the Watchtower quest. The player must give a rock cake to a guard in order to be allowed to climb over a rampart that blocks the way to a rope bridge. It deals 500 life points of damage if eaten, the damage isn't dealt until after you click to continue when your character says: "Ow! I nearly broke a tooth!".

According to Easta Buni, rock cakes are a "speshul Easta fud."

Rock cakes can not be gained until at least the player has gotten to the relevant part of the Watchtower quest.


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  • The rock cake is a play on the real world rock cake, which is a small cake with a rough surface containing raisins and berries.
  • You cannot kill your character by eating these. The lowest your life points will go is 25.
  • Rock cakes are used by players who wear full Dharok, since while fighting with full Dharok's armour equipped with low life points, the damage dealt by the wearer would be heavily increased. Players eat rock cake to inflict damage to themselves to use the full effect of the Dharok's armour.