Postbag from the Hedge
This article or section contains information only featured in Postbag from the Hedge.
Postbags are generally considered canon, unless directly conflicting with lore in-game, in which case the latter has precedence.

Robert Stephen Milborne is the manager of the east Falador branch of the Bank of RuneScape. He responds to a player (identified as Account Holder #0114bc6844bd00664118376e) about their concerns for the social lives of bankers.[1] He reassures that bankers have social lives, and explains that the reason why it seems bankers never leave is because of their proficiency in swapping posts with teleportation (which they can do in a microsecond). He goes further to explain that bankers are known to enjoy an eclectic selection of activities in their leisure time.


  1. ^ Jagex. Postbag 29 - "Transcript:You shall not pass!", Letter 1, by Robert Stephen Milborne. RuneScape Postbags from the Hedge.

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