"Ringleader" redirects here. For the NPC that runs Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza, see Ringmaster.
Easter Bunny chathead
Ringleader Vyvyan only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
Ringleader Vyvyan
Ringleader Vyvyan
Release date 30 March 2015 (Update)
Removal date 13 April 2015 (Update)
Race Imp
Members No
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Easter Bunny's burrow
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A cheeky little demon who seems to be in charge of the other imps.
Ringleader Vyvyan chathead

Ringleader Vyvyan is the ringleader of the band of imps who overran the Easter Bunny's burrow in the 2015 Easter event.


  • Using various kinds of eggs on him prompted special dialogue.
    • Egg: Keep that away from me! The evil chicken may be watching...
    • Red spiders' eggs: I've got hundreds of those at home.
    • Cockatrice egg: I think the Easter Bunny had enough of cockatrices. I can't hatch that.
    • Bird's egg: If I wanted just any sort of bird, I'd send an impling. I want a jadinko!
    • Raven egg: Nevermore!
    • Penguin egg: I may be a sneaky imp, but I'm not half as untrustworthy as a penguin.
    • Vulture egg: There's something about vultures I just don't like. I think it's their tails.
    • Magical egg: There's something just not quite right about those.
    • Enchanted egg: Why would someone stick those rocks on a perfectly good egg?
    • Nearly boiled egg: What am I supposed to do with that? It's ruined.