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This article is about jewellery items. For other uses, see Ring (disambiguation).

A ring is an equipment item in RuneScape worn in the ring slot of the Worn Equipment menu.

Crafting skill ringsEdit

These rings can be created with a ring mould, a gold bar and gems (optional) using the Crafting skill with the required Crafting level.

Gold rings are purely cosmetic in free-to-play, but in pay-to-play rings may be enchanted to gain special bonuses. Enchanting a ring (must contain a gem) requires the runes and Magic level necessary to cast the appropriate enchantment spell. Each ring has its own unique enchantment.

Gem Unenchanted ring Crafting-icon Enchanted ring Magic-icon
Gem-less Clay ring Clay ring 4 Ring of devotion Ring of devotion N/A1
Gem-less Gold ring Gold ring 5 Gold ring Ring of visibility N/A2
Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire ring Sapphire ring 20 Sapphire ring Ring of recoil 7 Enchant Level 1 Jewellery icon
Emerald Emerald Emerald ring Emerald ring 27 Emerald ring Ring of duelling 27 Enchant Level 2 Jewellery icon
Ruby Ruby Ruby ring Ruby ring 34 Ruby ring Ring of forging 49 Enchant Level 3 Jewellery icon
Diamond Diamond Diamond ring Diamond ring 43 Diamond ring Ring of life 57 Enchant Level 4 Jewellery icon
Dragonstone Dragonstone Dragonstone ring Dragonstone ring 55 Dragonstone ring Ring of wealth 68 Enchant Level 5 Jewellery icon
Onyx Onyx Onyx ring Onyx ring 67 Onyx ring Ring of Stone 87 Enchant Level 6 Jewellery icon
Enchanted gem Enchanted N/A3 75 Ring of slaying Slayer ring N/A3
  1. Prayer-icon Use soft clay with a Ring Mould to create an Unfired clay ring, use this with Pottery oven to craft a Clay ring. Clay rings may be sold to Morgan in Draynor Village for 10 gp each. But they can also be blessed by Father Aereck of Lumbridge Church, turning it into a Ring of devotion.
  2. Quest map icon It cannot be player-crafted from Gold rings, but is obtainted during the Desert Treasure quest from Rasolo.
  3. Slayer-icon Players can purchase these rings from Slayer Masters, at a cost of 75 points per ring. As well as "purchasing the knowledge" of how to craft the rings, at a one-time cost of 300 points. Since the Slayer gems are already enchanted, unenchanted slayer rings do not exist.

Quest ringsEdit

Icon Ring Quest Detail
Lunar ring Lunar ring Lunar Diplomacy Provides a +12 armour rating
Beacon ring Beacon ring What Lies Below

Provides a +3 armour rating and 1.5% magic critical rating

Ring of charos Ring of charos Creature of Fenkenstrain Used to persuade certain NPCs, allowing discounts
Ring of charos (a) Ring of charos (a) Garden of Tranquillity Increased powers of persuasion
'Perfect' ring 'Perfect' ring Family Crest Given to Avan in exchange for part of the crest
Ring of visibility Ring of visibility Desert Treasure Used to see the normally invisible, e.g. ghosts
Jennica's ring Jennica's ring Spirit of Summer Allows access to the Spirit Realm
Mabel's ring Mabel's ring Love Story Returned to Mabel for a reward
TokKul-Zo Tokkul-Zo The Elder Kiln

Provides a +2 armour rating and 2 Strength, Ranged, and Magic bonus

Sixth-Age circuit Sixth-Age circuit The World Wakes

Same stats as an Onyx ring (i) but with an armor bonus of 12 instead of 23, requires completion of additional quests to collect.

Other ringsEdit

Imbued ringsEdit

Some rings may be imbued with an enchantment as a reward from Mobilising Armies. Imbuing them gives the rings additional combat bonuses. The rings that may be imbued are:

Unimbued rings G.E. Price Imbued rings Notes
Defence-icon Critical Class Page
Ring of charos (a) N/A 4 2.3% CombatSwords Ring of charos (a)(i) Reward from the Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest
Gold ring 163 Coins 1000 4 1.5% Gold ring (i) Enchanted rings (Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6) will not work. Only the unenchanted versions will work.
Sapphire ring 358 Coins 1000 6 1.6% Sapphire ring (i)
Emerald ring 1,308 Coins 1000 7 1.8% Emerald ring (i)
Ruby ring 907 Coins 1000 9 2.0 Ruby ring (i)
Diamond ring 1,937 Coins 1000 10 2.2 Diamond ring (i)
Dragonstone ring 9,885 Coins 1000 12 2.5% Dragonstone ring (i)
Onyx ring 1,054,435 Coins 1000 23 2.7% Onyx ring (i)
Lunar ring 2,000 Coins 1000 14 2.5% Magic weakness icon Lunar ring (i) Player made, or bought from the Oneiromancer for 2,000 coins when lost, and requires Lunar Diplomacy quest
Seers' ring 292,449 Coins 1000 0 3.0% Seers' ring (i) The unimbued rings are dropped by the Dagannoth Prime and have a Critical hit bonus of 2.7.
Archers' ring 37,180 Coins 1000 0 3.0% Ranged weakness icon Archers' ring (i) The unimbued rings are dropped by the Dagannoth Supreme and have a Critical hit bonus of 2.7.
Warrior ring 216,520 Coins 1000 0 3.0% Melee weakness icon Warrior ring (i) The unimbued rings are dropped by the Dagannoth Rex and have a Critical hit bonus of 2.7.
Berserker ring 447,163 Coins 1000 18 2.5% CombatSwords Berserker ring (i) The unimbued rings are dropped by the Dagannoth Rex, have a Critical hit bonus of 2.2, and an Armour bonus of 5.

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