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Teleport to house (chipped) detail

A Rimmington tablet is a modified House Tablet that is created by using a chisel on a normal House Teleport tablet. It teleports the caster to just outside the Rimmington house portal. Love Story must be completed to make this item.

Using the chisel on this item again will allow the player to select a new house portal destination or repair the tablet back into a House Tablet.

Possible UsesEdit


Nearby LocationsEdit

Other advantagesEdit

House Parties, clay in mine for making teletabs, somewhat close to Fairy Ring AIQ on Mudskipper Point. By using the cabbage teleport, this (and the Ring of kinship) is by far the nearest to a 'free' teleportation from anywhere on the RS map that does not require a detour, such as Zanaris, or the Tree Gnome Village. There's a bush patch located just a couple of steps away for players training farming.

Disassembly Edit

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