Rift may refer to:

  • Energy rift, location used in Divination
    • Light rift, the rift in Prifddinas used to convert shadow cores into light cores
  • The Killerwatt plane, sometimes referred to as an interdimensional rift located in Draynor Manor
  • Tolna's rift, the rift east of Varrock where A Soul's Bane takes place
  • Any of the five rift entrances to the Chaos Tunnels located through the wilderness
  • Any of the rifts in the Abyss that lead to the various Runecrafting altar
  • A rift in the Stealing creation minigame
  • The Rift within Daemonheim as described in the Dungeoneering journals
  • Orks Rift, a plane that can be accessed during and after Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift
  • The rift in northern Meiyerditch, currently inaccessible
  • Small Rift
  • Large Rift
  • Rift sunderer
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