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Restored shield detail

The Restored shield is used during the Shield of Arrav and Defender of Varrock quests. It is the actual Shield of Arrav, fully restored from the two halves obtained from the Shield of Arrav quest.

The Legend of ArravEdit

Main article: The Legend of Arrav

The eldest of the Elders of Avarrocka sees a vision of the powers of the shield, and requests that Arrav seek this shield.

The shield was originally made on some other plane, as it was stated "it was clearly not of this world". The shield, has great magical powers. The shield is able to offer protection from any magical attack, which is why Zemouregal and Lucien wished to gain possession of the shield. The Imcando refuse to give the shield when Arrav first requests it since they knew that Arrav would be unable to defeat Zemouregal in spite of being "a man of great honour and courage."

When Avarrocka is attacked by the Mahjarrat, Arrav is forced to return to the Imcando to seek the shield. Using the Sacred Forge, the Imcando sages learn of Avarrocka's second destruction and the arrival of the darkness from the north. They do not wish for the annihilation of their own race, and agree to give the shield to Arrav.

During his battle with the undead minions of Zemouregal, Arrav realises that he would not be able to stop Zemouregal. He throws away the shield towards a burning building, in hope that someone else might use its powers, and surrenders himself to Zemouregal. The shield is picked by the 16-year-old grandson of the elder who had seen the vision earlier, who then uses it to defeat Zemouregal's zombies.

Seeing that his attempt to obtain the shield has failed, Zemouregal kills Arrav. Zemouregal promises to bring back Arrav as an undead to serve as his general, and attack Avarrocka again.

Shield of ArravEdit

Main article: Shield of Arrav

The Shield of Arrav has been broken into two halves. One half has been stolen by the Phoenix Gang, while the other has been stolen by the Black Arm Gang. Players join both gangs to obtain both halves and restore the shield.

The Defender of VarrockEdit

Main article: Defender of Varrock

Zemouregal has returned and is attacking Varrock with a massive zombie army. Players find the descendants of the people in the List of elders, hoping to find one that is able to unlock the shield's power. Dimintheis turns out to be the one and uses the shield to fight off the zombie horde and save Varrock.

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