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This article is about the feature that regenerates players' energy. For the tea, see Guthix rest.

The Rest feature was added on 9 June 2009, allowing players to regenerate their energy at a faster pace.[1]

At any time, players can right-click the run button next to the minimap and select "Rest" from the menu. By default, resting players sit down in a relaxed stance; alternating between two possible sitting positions (three for female characters). While in this stance energy and life points will regenerate far quicker. At level 1 Agility, run energy will regenerate at 2.8 points per second when resting as opposed to 0.44 points per second when not. Life points are also regained much faster. Exactly 1% per 6 seconds (rounded up) in addition to the normal rate of 0.1% life points per 6 seconds. Unfortunately, resting doesn't benefit from the Rapid Heal prayer, more life points every 6 seconds.

Rest is not functional if one is poisoned, being attacked, holding a banner, or in the form of a monkey, goblin or a penguin. Therefore, the resting ability does not give immunity to the attacks of other players or NPCs.


Busker concepts

Concept image of the Musician, which was formerly known as Buskers.

The button originally appeared in the 25 March 2009 system update along with an option to turn run mode on and off. When selected, the message Coming Soon... appeared in the chatbox.

Jagex stated on the RuneScape Forums that the rest option would not be linked to fatigue or sleeping bags.

On the 19 March 2009, Jagex created a RuneScape account on Facebook. One of the pictures added shows a player battling Chronozon, and a message in the chat box that reads: You feel much better after a quick rest., undoubtedly a reference to the rest feature. This shows the Rest button will have some kind of restoring properties.

On 1 April 2009 the Rest option was removed. That same day in the RuneScape Forums, a Jagex Moderator, Mod Ash stated that: "The Rest option is coming soon. I'm not sure exactly when. Until it does finally come, there's no real need to leave it sitting there doing nothing". On 23 April, Jagex released a development diary stating that the Rest feature was a mistake. The diary also states that the rest feature will centre on what was originally known as buskers, musician NPCs who play their instruments.

On 9 June 2009, the Rest feature was finally issued, dubbed as improvements made towards the current state of the run energy.[1]


Main article: Musician
Rest button with musicians

The run button whilst listening to a Musician.

Musicians are NPCs added with the release of the Rest feature, scattered widespread around various locations in Gielinor.[1]

A Player Listening to Music

A player restoring run energy by resting whilst listening to music.

When listening to a Musician, energy will regenerate at an even faster pace. At level 1 Agility, resting near a musician regenerates energy at 3.8 points per second instead of 2.8 when resting normally or 0.44 when not resting at all. When listening to any one of the many musicians with Music enabled, the in-game music will switch to a different track, in lieu with the instrument played by the musician.

Life points presently slow down their rate of restoration to only 1 life point every 3 seconds while resting near a Musician, this is likely a glitch due to life point restoration at Musicians not being updated to post-evolution of combat.


Solomon's General StoreEdit

Soon after the opening of Solomon's General Store, new resting animations were made available for players. The first ever resting animation is the Zen Resting, which has since been free for all members.[2] As time passes, more new resting animations were made available for purchase using Runecoins (or loyalty points if applicable), the General Store's main currency. Resting animations purchased from Solomon's General Store can be activated at any time via the Customisation interface of the Gear tab, under Animations. Resting animations are considered as Skill Animations, and are thus available to be previewed (or activated) from the aforementioned subtab.

If more than one resting animation is activated, one will be used in sequence from the order they were activated each time the player rests, starting with the first activated.


Name Image Description/Source
Buried in Sand Resting Could be unlocked from a buried in sand rest emote token, which could obtained through activities during the Summer Beach Party or purchased from Flo for 33 Runecoins.
Deckchair Resting Could be unlocked during the Summer Beach Party, by sitting in each colour deck chair (red, blue, and green) 10 times each.
Meditation Resting Could be unlocked from a meditation rest animation token, which could be obtained from Death Lotus Training or purchased from the Grand Exchange.
Stan-ing Around Can be unlocked as a reward for completing the Impressing the Locals quest.
Sand Dunk Resting Can be unlocked from a sand dunk resting emote token, which can be obtained through activities during the Summer Beach Party or purchased from Flo for 150 Runecoins.
Hacky Sack Resting Can be unlocked from a hacky sack resting emote token, which can be obtained through activities during the Summer Beach Party or purchased from Flo for 150 Runecoins.
Loved Up Resting Can be unlocked for 300 reputation from Wizard Deedit during the 2017 Valentine's Day event.
Contact Juggling Resting Can be unlocked from a Contact juggling resting token, which can be obtained through activities during the Spring Fayre or purchased from Nixie for 600 Fayre prize tickets.
Treasure Resting Can be unlocked from a Treasure resting animation token, which can be obtained through the Buried Treasure Treasure Hunter promotion or purchased from the Grand Exchange.

Rest feature glitchEdit

The rest update, while extremely popular, had many unexpected side effects and caused crippling glitches to the game for the first day after its release, causing angry reactions by players who found that the glitches interfered with their gameplay.



  • The "Stan-ing Around" rest animation is a reference to the used ship salesman,  Stan S. Stanman, from the point-and-click adventure game series, Monkey Island.
  • If one tries to do an emote while resting a message will appear in the chatbox: "Emotes aren't very restful."
  • Before an update, you could rest while banking.
  • Before the evolution of combat, resting only restored 1 life point per 6 seconds.


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