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This article is about the feature that regenerates players' energy. For the tea, see Guthix rest.

The Rest feature allows players to regenerate their energy more quickly. This feature was released in the Run energy upgrade of 9 June 2009[1]. At any time, players can right-click the run button next to the minimap and select "Rest" from the menu. While resting players sit down in a relaxed stance; alternating between two possible sitting positions (three for female characters). While in this stance energy and life points will regenerate far quicker. At level 1 Agility, run energy will regenerate at 2.8 points per second when resting as opposed to 0.44 points per second when not. Life points are also regained much faster. Exactly 1% per 6 seconds (Rounded up) in addition to the normal rate of 0.1% Life points per 6 seconds. This effect does not benefit from the Rapid Heal prayer, still restoring only 1% of your Life points every 6 seconds.

You are not able to rest while you are poisoned, diseased, being attacked, holding a banner, or in the form of a monkey, goblin or a penguin. Additionally, the resting ability does not give you immunity to the attacks of other players or NPCs.


Main article: Musician
Busker concepts

Concept image of the Musician.

Rest button with musicians

The run button whilst listening to a Musician.

When listening to a Musician, energy will regenerate even more quickly. At level 1 Agility, resting near a musician regenerates energy at 3.8 points per second instead of 2.8 when resting normally or 0.44 when not resting at all. If the player toggles the run option on or off while resting, the in-game music will switch to a different track.

Lifepoints presently slow down their rate of restoration to only 1 life point every 3 seconds while resting near a Musician, this is likely a glitch due to lifepoint restoration at Musicians not being updated to post-EoC levels.

A Player Listening to Music

A player restoring run energy by resting whilst listening to music.

There are a total of 29 (of which 15 are for members only) musicians found in the following locations:

Members Only MusiciansEdit

Free-to-Play MusiciansEdit

  • In northern Al Kharid, near the gem trader. Unnamed musician, a snake charmer.
  • Just off the south-east corner of the Forgotten Cemetery in the Wilderness. The drunken musician, a lute player.
  • The Ghostly Piper east of the Red Dragon Isle, in the Wilderness. (you need a Ghostspeak Amulet to talk to him.)
  • South of the Wilderness Volcano. Unnamed goblin musician, a drum player.
  • Southwest corner of the Grand Exchange. Unnamed musician, a lute player.
  • Near the northern entrance to the Al Kharid desert. Unnamed musician, a violin player.
  • East of Varrock, off the north fork from the eastern entrance. Southwest of earth runecrafting altar. Unnamed musician, a violin player.
  • Between Varrock and Barbarian Village, just south of Juliet's old house (where Dororan may live). Unnamed musician, a violin player.
  • In Lumbridge, just north of Lumbridge castle near the river. Unnamed musician, a lute player.
  • In Draynor east of Ned's house and west of the Draynor jail. Unnamed musician, a lute player.
  • In Port Sarim's The Rusty Anchor. Bard Roberts, an accordion player
  • North of Port Sarim, by the cross roads. Unnamed musician, a lute player.
  • Just north of Falador, at the T-junction. Unnamed musician, a lute player.
  • At the southern entrance of the Monastery, east of Ice mountain. Unnamed musician, a violin player.


The button originally appeared in the 25 March 2009 system update along with an option to Turn run mode on/off. When selected, the message "Coming Soon..." appeared in the text box.

Jagex stated on the RuneScape Forums that the rest option would not be linked to fatigue or sleeping bags.[2]

On the 19 March 2009, Jagex created a RuneScape account on Facebook. One of the pictures added shows a player battling Chronozon, and a message in the chat box that reads, 'You feel much better after a quick rest,' undoubtedly a reference to the rest feature. This shows the Rest button will have some kind of restoring properties.[3]

On 1 April 2009 the "Rest" option was removed. That same day in the RuneScape Forums, Mod Ash posted "The Rest option is coming soon. I'm not sure exactly when. Until it does finally come, there's no real need to leave it sitting there doing nothing." [4]

On 23 April, Jagex released a development diary stating that the "Rest" feature was a mistake. The diary also states that the rest feature will centre on "buskers", musician NPCs who play their instruments.

On 9 June 2009, the rest option was released.

Rest feature glitchEdit

The rest update, while extremely popular, had many unexpected side effects and caused crippling glitches to the game for the first day after its release, causing angry reactions by players who found that the glitches interfered with their gameplay.

Zen RestingEdit

Main article: Zen Resting
Zen Resting emote

A player resting with the Zen Resting activated.

Zen Resting was released on 21 August 2012 with the update: Update:New to Solomon’s General Store: Introducing...Skill-Fu!. When activated via the customization screen, you'll be able to use the Zen Resting when resting.

There is also a minor graphical glitch, where if a player is wearing a skillcape, the skillcape will disappear, but not the tassels at the front of the cape.

The animation will not activate if a character is wearing any of the athlete's legs.


  • If you try to do an emote while resting a message will come up saying "Emotes aren't very restful.".
  • If you rest while in a few squares of a musican, your body will turn to the musican and you will listen to him/her from a distance.
  • Before a fixing update, you could rest while banking.
  • There is a weird occurrence when you rest beside a player-made fire you rest faster.
  • Before EOC resting only restored 1 life point per 6 seconds. 


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