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This article is about the currency. For the rule, see Respect (rule).

Respect is a currency used in the Artisans Workshop. The only use of this currency is to buy permanent rewards from Elof in workshop's basement. Buying all the f2p rewards costs 40%, and all the rewards, 700%.

You cannot have more than 100% respect at a time. Players will get a green text message when they reach 100% respect telling them they need to spend their respect before they can gain more.

How to earn RespectEdit

  • 1% per 10,000 experience gained Smithing in the workshop. Note that bonus experience does not double respect, thus requiring 20,000 experience to be earned to grant each additional 1% respect.
    • Fully repairing a cannon will earn 3,846 Smithing experience and therefore 0.3846% Respect.
    • The amount of respect other methods of training give depend on the type of ingot and the performance of the player.
  • 1% for every 10 Ancestor laid to rest (killed).
  • 1% for every 4 Pipes repaired.
  • Wearing a Falador shield 4 provides a +5% XP and Respect bonus in the Artisans Workshop.
  • Using an Artisans' workshop respect enhancer will double the respect earned.


Reward Price (Respect) Effect Comp.Cape
Quick Repairs 5% Repairing burst pipes in the Workshop's ceremonial swords area will become 50% faster. yes
Repair Expert 15% Repairing the pipes gives 50 more Experience. yes
Quick Learner 20% Experience gained for creation of assigned burial armour is increased by 2%. yes
Budding Student (m) 40% Experience gained for creation of assigned burial armour is increased by 2%. Requires and stacks with Quick Learner for a 4% bonus. yes
Master Student (m) 60% Experience gained for creation of assigned burial armour is increased by 1%. Requires and stacks with Quick Learner and Budding Student for a 5% bonus. yes
Ceremonial Sword Plans I - V (m) 30% each (150% in total) Allows keeping a perfect ceremonial sword that looks close to the sword of the plans you have bought. (made from any metal.) yes
Golden Cannon (m) 50% Allows turning the Dwarf multicannon to Golden version. Increases cannonball capacity to 60. yes
Royale Cannon (m) 100% Allows turning the Dwarf multicannon to Royale version. Increases cannonball capacity to 90. Requires Golden Cannon. yes
Restocking cannon (m) 100% Grants your cannon the ability to reload automatically. You must have cannonballs in your inventory and be within 15 squares for this to work.

Requires Royale Cannon.

Ceremonial sword orders (m) 50% Increases the orders received by the workshop, occasionally allowing you to choose which ceremonial sword you wish to make. yes
Sword polishing kit (m) 10% Gives 10 sword polishing kits, which - when held in your inventory - prevent a ceremonial sword from breaking. no
Bonus package (m) 100% Gives 8 mithril ingot IV, 4 adamant ingot IV, 2 rune ingot IV, 50,000 Bonus Smithing XP and 10 sword polishing kits. Note that the ingots in this bundle cannot be exchanged for ore, and do not count towards daily challenges. no
Total 700% 590%


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