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Teleporting resource dungeon
A player being teleported to a resource dungeon.

Resource dungeons (also known as Surface Dungeons) are dungeons requiring a minimum Dungeoneering level to enter, and which give a one-time experience reward for discovering — along with other resources. These resources include new monster spawns such as frost dragons and mining rocks, trees, and herb spawns. Note that while an experience bonus is given for finding a dungeon, Dungeoneering tokens are not awarded to match the bonus. This is similar to using experience lamps or penguin points to train Dungeoneering, as neither of those methods award tokens either. Finding all sixteen currently released dungeons gives a total one-time experience reward of 100,000 xp, or 12,000 xp for non members.

Effect on economyEdit

A large amount of rare resources were introduced to the economy as a result of these dungeons. A lot of these items suffered a price drop such as limpwurt roots and almost all herbs and ores such as runite ore. Maple logs didn't suffer from the new dungeons as much, most likely because members powerchop those, and they are available in bulk from managing Miscellania. However, players with high dungeoneering are likely to have high opportunity costs compared to other players, and do not spend extended periods of time harvesting commodity resources, so the economic effects of high-level resource dungeons are limited.


There are currently a total of 16 resource dungeons. These are all accessible as soon as the required level is reached, except for the Braindeath Island 'Rum'-geon, which also requires the completion of a quest, A Clockwork Syringe, and the Dwarven Mine resource dungeon in the Mining Guild which requires 60 Mining, and the Baxtorian Falls resource dungeon which requires Waterfall Quest to be started.

Location Dungeoneering-icon Level needed Objects NPCs Members Only? Notes Dungeoneering-icon XP given Entrance image Location on Map Map inside
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Edgeville Dungeon (Chaos Druid) 10 Marrentill, irit, harralander and ranarr spawns (1 each) 12 Chaos Druids Yes Entrance is not far from the Wilderness gate. This area is very useful for gathering low- to mid-level herbs. 1100 Edgeville Resource Dungeon (Chaos Druid) entrance Edgeville Dungeon chaos druid resource dungeon location Edgeville Dungeon chaos druid resource dungeon map
Dwarven Mine 15 3 Silver rocks, 13 coal rocks, 6 mithril rocks, bank deposit box 5 Dwarves No Closest F2P and P2P area to mine and bank Ores. 1500 Dwarven Mine resource dungeon entrance Dwarven Mine resource dungeon location Dwarven Mine resource dungeon map
Edgeville Dungeon (Hill Giant) 20 4 Limpwurt root spawns 11 Hill giants No Its entrance is near the Edgeville Dungeon hill giants. If you have the brass key, you can enter the dungeon very close to the entrance through a house near Gunnarsgrunn. 1600 Edgeville Resource Dungeon (Hill Giant) entrance Edgeville Dungeon hill giant resource dungeon location Edgeville Dungeon hill giant resource dungeon map
Karamja Volcano 25 None 14 Lesser demons, 11 imps No Lower levels should beware of Lesser demons. 2100 Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon entrance Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon location Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon map
Daemonheim Peninsula 30 8 Maple trees and 6 willow trees None No The only place where free players can cut maple trees. 2400 Daemonheim Resource Dungeon entrance Daemonheim Resource Dungeon location Daemonheim Resource Dungeon map
Baxtorian Falls 35 None 11 Fire giants Yes Waterfall Quest must be started; Glarial's amulet and one rope required. Watch out for fire giants and shadow spiders. 3000 Baxtorian Falls Resource Dungeon entrance Baxtorian Falls Resource Dungeon location Baxtorian Falls Resource Dungeon map
Mining Guild 45 8 Mithril rocks, 4 adamantite rocks, 3 runite rocks None No Level 60 Mining from the Mining Guild, or 59 with Dwarven stout, 58 with Dwarven stout (m), minimum of 54 (not recommended) with a suitable spicy stew. 4400 Mining Guild Resource Dungeon entrance Mining Guild Resource Dungeon location Mining Guild Resource Dungeon map
Braindeath Island 50 None

'Rum'-pumped crabs, General malpractitioners

Yes Completion of A Clockwork Syringe needed. 0 Rum-geon map
Taverley Dungeon (Hellhound) 55 None

12 Hellhounds

Yes Dusty key is handy to take (Although not needed if you have 70/80 agility, or 65/77 if you eat summer pie or drink Agility potion). 6200 Taverley Dungeon Resource Dungeon (Hellhounds) entrance Taverley Dungeon Resource Dungeon (Hellhounds) location Taverley hellhound resource dungeon map
Taverley Dungeon (Blue Dragon) 60 12 Blue dragon scales 8 Blue dragons Yes 70 Agility is advisable to use the shortcut to blue dragons. A dusty key is required if this isn't possible. 7000 Taverley Dungeon Resource Dungeon (Blue Dragons) entrance Taverley Dungeon Resource Dungeon (Blue Dragons) location Taverley blue dragon resource dungeon map
Varrock Sewers 65 4 Limpwurt roots, 6 magic trees 8 Moss giants Yes With the addition of the resource dungeons, this is now the place with the most magic trees. Before the dungeons, the place with the most trees was the 4 in front of the Sorcerer's Tower. 8500 Varrock Sewers Resource Dungeon entrance Varrock Sewers Resource Dungeon location Varrock sewers resource dungeon map
Dragontooth Island 67 None 12 celestial dragons Yes Unlocked during One of a Kind. The only place where celestial dragons can be found. None Dragontooth Island resource dungeon entrance Dragontooth Island resource dungeon map
Chaos Tunnels 70 None 8 Black demons Yes Hunt for Surok miniquest must be started, watch out for dangerous creatures in the tunnels. 9600 Black Demon Resource Dungeon entrance Black Demon Resource Dungeon location Chaos tunnel resource dungeon map
Al Kharid 75 9 Silver rocks, 11 Gold rocks, 7 gem rocks and 5 impling spawn points None Yes Only place where Gem rocks can be mined without first completing a quest. 11,400 Al Kharid Resource Dungeon entrance Al Kharid Resource Dungeon location Al Kharid Resource Dungeon map
Brimhaven Dungeon 80 Hammers and anvils 8 Iron dragons and 8 Steel dragons Yes 875 coins or none with Karamja gloves 3 (they do not need to be worn). Dragonfire protection advisable. 12,800 Brimhaven Resource Dungeon entrance Brimhaven Resource Dungeon location Brimhaven Resource Dungeon map
Polypore Dungeon 82 None Polypore creatures Yes A jug and a pestle and mortar are advised. Monsters notably vulnerable to Magic. 13,500
Polypore Dungeon Resource Dungeon entrance
Polypore Dungeon Resource Dungeon location
Polypore dungeon resource dungeon map
Asgarnian Ice Dungeon 85 None 12 Frost dragons Yes Dragonfire protection advisable, only area where frost dragon bones can be obtained outside of Daemonheim. 15,000 Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon entrance Ice Caves Resource Dungeon location Asgarnian ice dungeon resource dungeon map



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