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Repair Rune Pouch
Repair Rune Pouch icon
Members? Yes
Level 75
Spellbook Lunar
Type Skilling
Experience 75
Runes 1Law rune1Cosmic rune2Astral rune
Quest Lunar Diplomacy
Repair Rune Pouch

Repair Rune Pouch is a spell unlocked at the Livid Farm. A player must first unlock this spell while training at the Livid Farm before the spell can be used. It is the second spell unlocked, requiring the player to accumulate 139,760 Produce points. The target rune pouch is repaired and will take longer to deteriorate.

This spell can only be cast on giant, large or medium pouches as the small pouch does not degrade, and the massive pouch crumbles to dust instead of degrading after its charges are depleted. It can be used to repair and strengthen a pouch even before it has visibly degraded (however if cast on a pouch that isn't degraded, nothing will happen and a message "This pouch isn't degraded" will appear in chat.)

The Repair Rune Pouch Spell not only repairs a designated pouch but also increases the durability of the pouch by 400%, allowing the use of a Giant pouch 60 times, instead of the usual 12 times before having it degrade. The sound of this spell seems to be the sound of a sewing machine.

Note that, if you only care about quick pouch repairs but not extra durability, the Lunar Spell NPC Contact also works. Simply contact the Dark mage and he can repair all of your pouches in a single cast. That spell is cheaper (two air runes instead of one law rune, as well as one less astral rune) and does not requiring unlocking from the Livid Farm. However, it is a lot slower since players would have to go through the dialogue.

Repair Rune Pouch costs 1111 coins for each cast.

Note: The assist system cannot be used to help another player repair pouches if you have unlocked the spell.

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