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Remote Farm
Remote Farm icon
Members? Yes
Level 78
Spellbook Lunar
Type Skilling
Experience 79
Runes 3Nature rune2Astral rune2Earth rune
Quest Lunar Diplomacy
Remote Farm
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Remote Farm is a Lunar spell released with Livid Farm on the 4 April 2011. The spell must first be unlocked while training at the Livid Farm, by accumulating 314,480 produce points. It allows the status of every single farmable patch in RuneScape to be viewed and, if a patch is diseased, it allows you to cure any and all patches in one cast. Remote Farm can be cast within some minigames or Distractions and Diversions, such as Stealing Creation or Fish Flingers. Curing a patch will generate a stack of Leaves.

A farming cycle tick happens every 500 game ticks (approximately 5 minutes), which is when crops are updated with their new stats. However, these ticks don't occur if you have an interface open (for example, the Remote Farming window or a bank window) and are delayed until the interface is closed. Thus, Remote Farm won't give live information even if crops update, so there is no point in leaving the window open to watch your crops. However, you can update the information if a farming tick occurs by closing the interface and casting the spell again.

Remote Farming Interface

A list of farming patch statuses

Spell cost
2Astral rune2Earth rune3Nature rune2,000
Combo runes
2Astral rune3Nature rune2Dust rune3,582
2Astral rune3Nature rune2Mud rune3,426
2Astral rune3Nature rune2Lava rune3,412
2Astral rune3Nature runeMud battlestaff1,974
2Astral rune3Nature runeStaff of earth1,974
2Astral rune3Nature runeLava battlestaff1,974

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