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Release date 22 May 2012 (Update)
Also known as The Siren, Haunting voice
Race Siren
Members only Yes
Quest NPC Song from the Depths
Location Inside the Queen Black Dragon
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine She has been imprisoned within some kind of sac.
Remora chathead

Remora is a Siren that features in the quest Song from the Depths. She is also the very siren that created the high-level ranged gear, Sirenic armour.

According to the story she tells the player during the quest, she had always loved singing but was ridiculed by her sisters for it. One day, she discovered that men fishing on the docks loved listening to her sing and so she sang to them for the sake of having an admiring audience. But, much to her dismay, the fishermen drowned themselves in attempts to reach her. Remora then tried singing to the people on land, but found that they too died from battling one another out of jealousy over her, as shown through the two dreaming spirits that begin to fight one another when she says this. She was declared a witch by the people of the town, thus giving the town its name - Witchaven.

Eventually, her story tells of an enraged spirit--one that was dark, and sinister, and lonely. She describes her efforts to calm the spirit by singing to it, but it didn't help. She then cried a tear which "extinguished the fire." After that, she breathed life back into it, making it grow stronger, and stronger until it was overwhelmingly powerful. The spirit is likely the Queen Black Dragon, though it was never confirmed.

She is discovered by the player inside the stomach of the Queen Black Dragon, where she relates to the player that she remembers being eaten by it. She was under a dream-like illusion that made her believe she was on an island, thinking she was singing for adoring men once again, when she was in fact singing to men in their sleep, drawing them to the dragon. Freeing her from the cyst she was trapped in causes the Dragon to regurgitate the player, herself, and The Raptor. They spot Remora's necklace on the ground, which she had promised to use to teleport them all to safety, but while attempting to reach it, Remora is killed by the dragon's breath. Only the player and The Raptor escape.


Audio options icon
Remora's voice
Be ready. Bursting it will not make the dragon happy.
  • In Greek Mythology, Sirens were femmes fatales who used their beautiful singing voice to lure sailors to their deaths.
  • The graphics for Remora appear to be based on an artwork made by Pascal Blanché back in 2001. Pascal is currently Art Director at Jagex Ltd.
  • A remora is a type of fish that is commonly found on sharks, whales, and other sea creatures as well as boats. They have a mutualistic relationship with their host; they attach onto their host for a ride, and in return they eat the smaller organisms that may be pestering to their host. This is somewhat similar to her relationship with the Queen Black Dragon.

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