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Return to Canifis This article or section contains information from Return to Canifis.
It is generally considered canon unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.
Legacy of Blood This article or section contains information from Legacy of Blood.
It is generally considered canon unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.
Reldo chathead

Reldo Trimmly is the librarian of Varrock Palace. He is 28 years old, meaning he was born in year 141 or 142 of the Fifth Age. His library is located at the north-western corner of the castle, in the room to the right of the tower. He researches ancient tomes for Lores and Histories about RuneScape. Despite his relative youth, he is considered one of Gielinor's most learned humans.

Reldo starts the Shield of Arrav quest, and provides knowledge for the player in many other quests. He also rewards players with the Varrock armour 2 for completing all medium Varrock Tasks.

In Dimension of Disaster, Reldo is the only remaining living being in New Varrock (with the exception of Pauline Polaris, Meg, and Hazelmere), as Zemouregal noted his knowledge and kept him alive.

During Return to CanifisEdit

Reldo makes a minor appearance during the course of the novel as the apprentice to the Varrock Librarian at the time. At the time, he was involved in a project of creating a new indexing system to better organise the books held within the library's shelves. He later escorted the Misthalin Embassy to Paterdomus in order to help administer The Blood Mark to protect the embassy throughout their mission into Morytania. It is revealed that Reldo has an amazing memory, able to cite anything he has ever read with ease, although he has trouble recalling images. Although he has demonstrated many times his adeptness at his job, he never gained the full respect or trust of his mentor.

During Legacy of BloodEdit

During the novel, Papelford is sacked as archivist for the Society of Owls for making constant errors and being uncooperative, and is replaced by Reldo. With this he gains access to Papelford's personal vaults, which he uses to help discover a ritual blessing formerly practiced by kings of Varrock to strengthen the Salve.



  • Reldo gets questions in almost every Postbag from the Hedge.
  • He claims he was the one who taught King Roald to read, although this is almost certainly false.
  • According to the God letters he cannot get much done in the library because Zamorak is always arranging 'accidents' for him, when bored.
  • Reldo speaks about Gar'rth, from the RuneScape novel Return to Canifis. He mentions Gar'rth's "secret" but doesn't reveal any other information about what events occurred.
  • Reldo is one of the possible people requiring identification in order to obtain the enchanted egg in Recipe for Disaster/Freeing the Lumbridge Sage.
  • Oddly, when you talk to him, he appears scared to see your character although he shows no sort of frightened expression in the sentences. This has yet to be fixed.
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Papelford Librarian and archivist in Varrock Palace Incumbent

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