Rei Ti is an island in The Hook region of the Wushanko Isles.  It is the northern most island in The Hook. A mining colony originally built to dig for black slate; it has become highly prosperous since discovering large quantities of high-quality gems.


  • In A Daring Raid, the player can send the Assassin to get a vast supply of slate from a Corrupt Judge of Dice or gain spice from "taking" it from the khan's advisor on Rei Ti.
  • In Bounty Hunter, the player collects a bounty on a rogue soothsayer, rumoured to be summoning demons, by bringing him to the khan of Rei Ti.
  • In The Land Shark, the player can send a ship to fight a land shark for fame and glory.
  • In ?, the player protects a group of Keldagrim dwarfs attempting to set up mining operations in the area from miners that resent them.
  • In ?, the player helps a group of Keldagrim dwarfs attempt to set up a colony to mine the black slate.


  • The name of the island and its description is a reference to the character Rarity, a pony from the animated show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Its association with high-quality gems adds to the allusion

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