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The reflecting blood essence is one of the blood essences players can craft after the quest River of Blood. Using Haemalchemy, players can combine 100 congealed blood with a 4-dose Super Saradomin brew potion; doing so requires at least 300 vyre corpses to be cremated in the Columbarium. When received as a one-time gift from Vanescula Drakan after the quest or created manually, it will have 1,000 charges. Additional charges can be added by using more congealed blood on the essence, giving 10 charges each, to a maximum of 5,000 charges. If charges are completely exhausted, the essence's effects no longer function, but it can still be worn.

When worn, it has a passive effect that has a chance of applying a 6 second buff when taking damage. This buff reflects 5% of damage taken, to a maximum of 250 per hit. When activated, the next hit within 20 seconds is reflected for 50% damage to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 2500 while also activating the passive effect. Damage is only reflected but not reduced by these effects, similar to the deathtouch bracelet but unlike the Reflect ability.

The active effect can be used once per minute. This cooldown is shared with other blood essences, except the tireless essence. Each passive effect consumes 1 charge and each active effect consumes 50 charges.

Having a blood essence equipped and attempting to enter the Mausoleum notifies the player "You have a blood essence equipped which makes the ravenous ghouls aggressive. Are you sure you wish to proceed?"

According to the book Haemalchemy (Vol. 2), this blood essence is described as:

Completely alters the structure of white blood cells to exude a force field that reflects energy.
Combat Stats
NonePocket slotDefenceArmour0
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Style-Style bonuses
Cost of charges
Blood essence Price per 1 passive effect Price per activate
Reflecting 5.9 295
Cost of producing
Super Saradomin brew (4) Congealed blood x100 Total price
55,118 5,900 61,018

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