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Redberry seed detail

Redberry seeds are seeds which can be planted and grown into Redberries at level 10 Farming. They must be planted in bush patches.

The seed can be stolen from a Master Farmer (level 38 Thieving required) or obtained by killing monsters that drop redberry seeds. Redberry seeds may be bought from the Vinesweeper minigame for 5 points each.

Redberry seed
Farming level 10
Patch Bush
Payment 4 sacks of cabbages (10)
Time 100 minutes (5x20 minutes)
Seeds per 1 seed
Planting 11.5
Checking 64
Harvesting 4.5
Crop Redberries
Yield[?] 4
Stage Description Image
Healthy Redberry bush
1 The redberry seeds have only just been planted. Redberry1
2 The redberry bush grows larger. Redberry2
3 The redberry bush grows larger. Redberry3
4 The redberry bush grows small, unripe, green berries. Redberry4
5 The berries grow larger, and pink. Redberry5
6 The redberry bush is ready to harvest. The berries on the bush are red. Redberry6


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Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Cyclops 57; 63; 68; 91UnknownUnknown
Farming crate (small)N/A5Random
Master FarmerN/A1Common


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