Red rocks
Red rocks
Release date 24 July 2012 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Location Gielinor Games and Nemi Forest
Examine Gielinor Games: This rock contains red ore worth 10 resource points.
Nemi Forest: This rock contains an unfamiliar ore.
Empty: This rock is empty.

Red rocks were found on the north island in the Resource Race event of the Gielinor Games and can be found in the Nemi Forest.

Gielinor GamesEdit

Five of them were present during the Gielinor games. A Mining level of 80 was required to mine one to two pieces of red ore from it.


The rocks were recycled to be used in the Nemi Forest on Mazcab. Mining the rock grants experience based on Mining level and 5 reputation with the goebies.

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