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Red envelope detail

Red envelope is an item involved with the Zodiac Training Treasure Hunter promotion. It could be used to complete tasks on the zodiac card without needing to perform the action of the task.

Once the card has been completed five times, envelopes can be used to add two additional charges to monkey trinkets.

They could be obtained from Treasure Hunter or from healing Icxan, the wounded snake, during the Zodiac Training event.

They were removed on 24 February 2016 with Zodiac Training.

Zodiac Festival 2018Edit

Red envelopes returned on 12 February 2018 for the Zodiac Festival. However, they could only be obtained from event mystery boxes or big event mystery boxes, envelopes could not be used to skip tasks this year, and could only be used to recharge monkey trinkets.


  • In China, a red envelope is a monetary gift given out during holidays and special occasions.