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Red dye detail

Red dye is a dye made from 3 redberries and giving 5 coins to Aggie in Draynor Village or by Ali the Dyer in Pollnivneach. Red dye can also be bought from Oronwen at Lletya from the seamstress' shop for 6 coins. Since it is tradeable, it can also be bought from other players.

Redberries can be found just below the south-eastern wall of Varrock and can be purchased from some stores if the player previously sold redberries to those stores. Redberries can also be purchased from Beefy Bill just north of Lumbridge without crossing the river.

Red dye can be combined with yellow dye or blue dye to make orange dye or purple dye. It is used in colouring capes. It is also used in the Goblin Diplomacy quest at the part when the goblins want orange goblin mail, and may be used in the Land of the Goblins quest again to dye armour, and in other quests requiring red, orange, or purple dye. Making red dye can be a decent source of money for players without means to make money in other ways.

4 Red dye are used to make decorative blood in a player-owned house dungeon, oubliette, or treasure room.

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Lletya Seamstress6Coins 5Coins 10Yes


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