Reaper points are points rewarded to the player after completing a Soul Reaper task. They are used to purchase various items, such as hydrix gems and aura rechargers. The amount of points rewarded depends on the difficulty of the boss, whether the player has group bosses toggled or not (having group bosses enabled grants 25% more points per task) and if it was completed in hard mode (if available). To receive the hard mode points reward, the player's Soul Reaper task must be all hard mode kills. While most rewards can be bought with either slayer reward points and reaper points, particular rewards can only be purchased by reaper points only.

Based on the price of an Incomplete hydrix, each reaper point can be valued at 75,260. Using the price of Death notes, they can be valued at 37,937.

After unlocking the ability, 250 Slayer reward points can be used to receive an additional task after completing the daily one. For the rest of the rewards obtainable with Reaper points, see the Soul Reaper article.

Upon the completion of a specific number of tasks, additional Reaper points are awarded (non cumulative):

  • 10 extra points for every 10th task
  • 50 extra points for every 50th task


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