Razmire Keelgan is located at Mort'ton and runs both the general store and the store with building supplies. He is afflicted at first, but he can be cured either by using Serum 207 (temporarily) or Serum 208 (permanently) on him. He also plays a role in the Shades of Mort'ton quest.

If a player has completed all of the medium Morytania Tasks, Razmire will give free planks once a day. He will offer the choice of one of the following:

Plank GE Value
30 noted normal planks 15,840
20 noted oak planks 12,580
10 noted teak planks 11,350

If a player has completed all of the medium Morytania Tasks, Olive oil in his store will automatically become a 4 dose Olive oil.

Dialogue Edit


  • Before 21 April 2009, even if players had used Serum 208 on Razmire, sometimes Razmire would still appear afflicted. However, if the building door was opened or he was talked to, Razmire would turn back into a healthy state. This is because the area was released before Jagex implemented features to allow permanent changes on NPCs and objects. However, this graphical glitch has since been fixed.

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