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This article is about the raw version. For the cooked version, see Short-finned eel.
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Raw short-finned eel detail

The raw short-finned eel is a Tier 5 raw fish found while training Dungeoneering. It is the highest level free-to-play fish in Daemonheim.

Raw short-finned eels can be caught with a fly fishing rod and feathers, giving 81 Fishing xp each at level 40 Fishing. Raw short-finned eels can also be bought from the Smuggler.


Raw short-finned eel can be cooked with 41 Cooking using a fire to make a short-finned eel. It gives 103 Cooking xp and heals 120 Life points.

Store locationsEdit

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Smuggler1,920Rusty coins? (edit)

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