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Raw pawya meat detail

Raw pawya meat can be obtained from the Hunter skill by box trapping Pawya or from a Divine box trap. It is used for bait when trapping Grenwalls. Pawyas require 66 Hunter to catch and give 400 experience and can be found in Isafdar. If cooked, raw pawya meat becomes Cooked meat.


Raw pawya meat is used in hunting Grenwalls. Grenwalls are best hunted in the private hunting area, due to the normal locations being slow XP/hr. Due to the D&D being continuously required for the best experience, hunting Red Chinchompas is preferred even by high level hunters. However, hunting Grenwalls can be very profitable, and is never nearly as crowded as Red Chinchompas.

Price HistoryEdit

Most of the time, the price of Pawya Meat often fluctuates based on the price of Grenwall spikes. This was often in demand because Grenwalls used to be a great source of money and offer a very fast experience rate. However, since the release of Divine locations, this item crashed by more than 70% of its price. Then following the release of Tirannwn Tasks, completion of the medium tasks would negate the need of baiting. Thus, as of December 2014, this item's GE price is the lowest in its item history.


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