This article is about the raw version. For the cooked version, see Crayfish.
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Raw crayfish detail

Raw crayfish are a small fish introduced with the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks on 14 July 2008. Level 1 Fishing is required to catch a raw crayfish in a crayfish cage, which can be obtained from the Lumbridge or Port Sarim fishing shop. Successfully catching a crayfish rewards 10 Fishing experience. This is good experience for free players, and is helpful because crayfish are caught very fast, much faster than shrimp and other low-level fish. They also can be cooked on the Lumbridge range after Cook's assistant. The rate of catching them appears to decrease when levelling up, instead catching less of them than the other types of fish.

With level 16 Divination, 3 raw crayfish may be transmuted into 1 raw trout. This costs 2 flickering energy and yields 3.6 Divination experience. Twenty raw crayfish and five pale energy can be used to make a divine crayfish bubble

Assuming no burning, each raw crayfish cooked would yield a profit/loss of -25 coins. This is fairly unimportant, however, as it is most effective for new players to fish and cook their own crayfish.


Raw crayfish
Fishing level 1
Fishing spot Cage
Tool Crayfish cage
Fishing XP 10 XP
Tool XP 1.18 XP
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Fishing locationsEdit

There are three fishing locations for crayfish.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Crassian scout71Common
Crassian warrior71Common

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Lumbridge Fishing Supplies5Coins 5Coins 0No


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  • The image of this fish has changed repeatedly. Between September–October 2009, they changed twice. It started as three small crayfish, was changed to a single small crayfish for about three weeks, then changed to a large one, similar to an upside-down lobster. The detailed icon of three small crayfish is used in the GE Database.

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